The Ultimate Guide to Exclusive Tool Brands Across America's Hardware Stores

When you decide it’s time to take on your own home renovation or DIY projects, you quickly become a loyal hardware store customer, and any given brand’s top tools become your go-to. For anyone starting a hobbyist or pro DIY project, from a quick home decor project to a major renovation, the right tools and equipment are essential. This guide lists the exclusive tool brands you’ll find at specific hardware stores.

Ryobi & Home Depot: The Green Revolution

Finding Power in the Aisles of Home Depot

On the forested aisles of Home Depot, one is hard pressed to find a neon-green island that stands out as much as Ryobi. Its signature colour is not the only aspect of the brand that makes it a popular choice with Homeowners and DIYers alike. It offers quality and affordability, as well as power without the professional-grade price. Ryobi is one of the largest and most well-rounded product offerings at Home Depot, ranging from power tools to things that add joy to life like Bluetooth speakers.

Husky Tools: Home Depot’s Sturdy Companion

A Century of Dependability at Your Service

Almost a century old, Husky has become a symbol of durability and dependability – one of the cornerstones of its relationship with Home Depot. With a lifetime guarantee on all Husky hand tools, the brand is a value buy, and a favourite of both the weekend at-home handyman and the amateur carpenter who goes professional.

Everbilt: The Unsung Hero of Home Depot

Empowering Projects with Every Nut and Bolt

Everbilt is not a familiar name, and it’s not meant to be – it’s in the B-team. But it’s no B-team player. Everbilt supplies much of what Home Depot sells, much of what you will ever need for home improvement. Everbilt has a part for that leak, a screw for that shelf. Everbilt is one of the brands of which Home Depot is proud.

Milwaukee & Home Depot: Forging Ahead with Innovation

Crafting Futures with Cutting-Edge Tools

Milwaukee also has a more subtle presence in construction and DIY, providing tough ideas that let you get the job done. In partnership with Milwaukee, Home Depot has committed to carrying more of its superbly engineered tools for professionals and the so-called prosumer.

Rigid Tools: The Backbone of Home Depot’s Power Lineup

A Tradition of Excellence in Every Tool

Since 1923, Rigid Tools have provided quality in the realm of building, home improvement and plumbing. Products purchased at Home Depot now come with a lifetime service agreement; Rigid, in other words, is still a trusted source for creating, maintaining and repairing your HOME.

DeWalt: The Professional’s Choice at Home Depot

A Legacy of Strength and Performance

DeWalt’s line of commercial-grade power tools is prominently featured at Home Depot, and they are designed for the consumer looking for tools as strong as he is (or she is) or the professional tradesman who needs them to work harder all day long and stay dependable for years of use on the jobsite.

Exclusive Finds at Lowe’s: Metabo HPT and Kobalt

A New Name with Time-Honored Quality

Lowe’s continues to exclusively stock Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi) pneumatic nailers and fasteners, ensuring professional-grade tools engineered to deliver for years to come.

Kobalt: The Sky’s the Limit

Kobalt conjures reliability in brilliant blue. Adding a budget-friendly touch to Lowe’s, it provides a wide array of tools to give the consumer a sense of real quality for the necessary everyday products that can be found at any hardware store.

Masterforce & Menards: Power Meets Affordability

A Young Brand for Every Handyman

You’ll appreciate the professional-grade quality of Masterforce at Menards. And you’ll love the homeowner dependability (for every conceivable project). Just ask your fellows. Because Master.orce is new – and already competing strongly with the better-known brands.

Bauer: Harbor Freight’s Red and Black Powerhouse

Performance that Doesn’t Pinch the Pocket

It’s hard to beat Harbor Freight’s Bauer brand for hard-working tools that sell at prices that cannot be beat. From a work cart that sells for $18 all the way to an $800 auto lift, Bauer tools have you covered from head to toe, whether you are doing DIY repairs in your dime-a-gallon shed or running a professional auto repair shop.

About HOME

Home is not just the structure of a house: home is the place where we create and make; home is the place that is filled with projects. These proprietary tool brands and their hardware store homes add to this experience so that whatever is bolted, cut or planted is part of making a house into a home. Whether you flip houses, renovate spaces or make new things, knowing where to find the right kinds of tools is your first step in turning your house into a HOME you made.

Jun 06, 2024
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