Gift the Gift of Endless Discovery: A Curiosity Stream Lifetime Subscription for Dad

There’s something very special about fathers who share experiences – who are interested in the same things – with their children. This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift he’ll remember forever – a lifetime of learning. Click to buy him a Curiosity Stream lifetime subscription.

Why Curiosity Stream is the Ultimate Father's Day Present

If you were to take a voyager probe and start hurtling it through the galaxy, you’d be instantly and continuously different from Curiosity Stream The brainchild of John Hendricks, the visionary creator of Discovery Communications, Curiosity Stream is the sea among the streaming services. It is about making a different decision, about learning versus entertainment. It’s the service you turn to – or turn on with your dad – to ask the fundamental questions of science, history, tech, nature and art.

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Visualise giving your dad access to the universe’s greatest secrets, the chronicle of human history and technological wonders. Curiosity Stream is that library, albeit a digital one. From Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places and Planet of Treasures to The History of Home, there is something for everyone. Each 1080x1920 high-definition resolution documentary allows viewers to see and experience each story.

Convenient and Continuous Discovery

But arguably the best feature of a Curiosity Stream subscription comes in the ease of access: download it all for offline playback, a boon especially for roaming dads or long flights. And then, when you want to keep going, there’s always more to watch. Reprinted from Nautilus with permission.

Bond Over Binge-Worthy Documentaries

If there is one thing that Curiosity Stream can give you and your dad, it is precious time in each other’s company. With an incredible variety of content available to stream, there are bound to be plenty of options that you can learn about together, either mutually exploring your existing interests or sharing newfound curiosities. Ultimately, this means more conversations over dinner and endless TV debriefs.

A Deal Not to Be Missed

Best of all is that this Father’s Day, Curiosity Stream is a steal. A lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream normally costs $399, but through 11:59 p.m. PT on June 9 it is on sale for only $179.97. Not just a gift – an investment in your dad’s happiness and curiosity that doesn’t come double-boxed in cardboard or FedEx envelopes. You sign up, you visit the illimitable realm of youth’s prime resource, and you see.

Easy Gifting, Endless Enjoyment

With a Curiosity Stream subscription, you can gift something you’ll never have to buy again. A subscription grants access to an unlimited amount of documentaries that will keep your dad’s brain engaged indefinitely. You can’t go wrong with this fresh take on the usual gifts.

Explore Together, Grow Together

In the end, a subscription to Curiosity Stream is much more than just a gift – it is also an invitation to new bonds and shared interests, to a lifelong learning path, for two engagers of knowledge to build bridges and go further together. Let us celebrate this Father’s Day with a gift that celebrates our dad’s interests and shows him how much we have engaged with his lifelong source of fact and stories.

About HOME on Curiosity Stream

One of the most striking documentary series exclusive to Curiosity Stream is The History of Home, an unprecedented exploration of where people live from cave dwellings to modernist high-rises, documenting how homes have evolved over time and around the world. The series is indicative of the kind of content that enables a thousand fascinating thoughts so that you’ll never have to be bored again.

In sum, a Curiosity Stream subscription isn’t a service that provides you with documentaries – it’s a place where you can expand your horizons, make connections and grow as a person, generation after generation. If your dad has always been curious, with a hunger for learning, this Father’s Day gift him a world of just that – a service that celebrates a thirst for knowledge, a diverse library of content from every field imaginable, high-definition streaming quality and a rigorous fact-checking process that ensures your experience is nothing short of brilliant. Curiosity Stream is the gift that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, considering it only amounts to a fraction of what the average cable subscription costs, it’s worth every cent and, more importantly, it keeps giving back to the human race everything it deserves to cherish.

Jun 02, 2024
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