Unveiling Unmissable Deals: Microsoft Project and Visio 2021 at a Steal

If you could make one person productive with a single click, you’ll make the entire world more productive, in one swoop The business world is a tapestry – an ever-shifting web of advancements and efficiency, of plan and productivity. We live in an age in which innovative minds and creative souls can thrive, and where the potential of getting things done is endless. Through it all, MICROSOFT has also ventured into the world of project management, making an extra effort to provide the necessary tools to realise that potential. And right now, Microsoft Visio 2021 Pro and Microsoft Project 2021 Pro can be proudly added to your toolbox – for a mere $20 each. That’s right: two essential project management software solutions, brought to you for a staggering 92% off the original price of $250. Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project, both available through the Stack Social storefront – an authorised Microsoft partner. The sale is on for a limited time, so be sure to act fast.

Elevate Your Project Management Game with MICROSOFT Project 2021 Pro

Transform Ideas into Realities with Ease

It is obvious that Microsoft Project 2021 Pro is a serious tool for planning and executing projects. Microsoft is highly committed in helping teams and planners master the art of project management. The extensive list of templates available in Microsoft Project 2021 Pro clearly shows this deep-rooted dedication by guiding project managers from the early stages of a campaign to successfully executing all phases of a project. Everything that relates to a project is covered and there is no single detail that will go unnoticed. All related Microsoft software including Project Online and Project Server can be integrated with this version and this helps members of any team to collaborate and share information in such a way that Project 2021 Pro is a class of its own.

Microsoft Visio 2021 Pro: A Canvas for Your Ideas

An Artist's Palette for the Business Savvy

For some creative minds – or for those of us who simply need a neat way to present ideas – Microsoft Visio 2021 Pro is our church. A demonstration of ‘adding shapes to a diagram’ using Office 365’s Draw tab of Visio 2021 Pro.Courtesy Office 365.With 250,000-plus shapes in its online content ecosystem, the software makes creating from the most elementary charts and flowcharts to the most complex – such as organisation charts with data from Excel, Microsoft Entra ID and Exchange, or beautiful diagrams – a real delight.

A Partnership You Can Trust

Stack Social: Your Gateway to MICROSOFT's Best

But it’s the Microsoft-certified deals offered by Stack Social that put these ‘can’t-get-decenter-than-this deals’ front and centre. For as little as US$299 you can get ‘lifetime’ access to Microsoft Project Pro and Visio Pro … as long as Microsoft doesn’t pull the plug on your licence. Stack Social has been offering deals on the Microsoft suite for years, and I have their word for it that they’re good for it. I’ve been using the Office licence they offered me three years ago on my MacBook, and it’s working just fine.

Secure Your License: A Call to Action

Act Now for Unprecedented Savings

Today’s flash sale allows you to get Microsoft Project 2021 Professional and Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional for Windows at an incredible price. Improve your project management skills – or learn to diagram complex processes – with this powerful set of tools to improve your productivity and offer clarity to your operations.

Conclusion: MICROSOFT's Commitment to Excellence

In a world that blurs the boundaries between work and life, and as needs and conditions continue to evolve, we can still rely on Microsoft business productivity software, such as Microsoft Project 2021 Pro or Microsoft Visio 2021 Pro, to aid professionals and organisations in reaching their goals. This amazingly low price isn’t just a great deal – it’s a demonstration of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to making premium tools available to everyone, everywhere.


First and foremost, Microsoft Corporation, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, started out as a small software vendor and grown to a global leader in technology solutions and digital transformation. Although the software company is best-known for its operating systems such as Windows, and Office productivity suite, Microsoft continues to innovate across different business sectors such as cloud computing through Microsoft Azure, to video gaming through Xbox, and digital services, all with a primary mission to provide the world’s best computing experience for every person and every organisation on the planet. From the world’s best productivity applications for business to software for education, gaming, families and small businesses, Microsoft provides a large range of products and services to help achieve great things and empower every user on the planet to ‘achieve more’. Through Microsoft partnerships with companies like Stack Social, the Microsoft mission to make the world’s best computing experiences accessible and affordable is further strengthened as technology will allow more environments for creativity and efficiency.

Jun 02, 2024
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