The Ultimate Guide to Mario Madness: All ABOARD THE NINTENDO SWITCH EXPRESS

Welcome to the whirling, swirling warp pipe of information that is ‘The Ultimate Guide To Mario Madness: All Aboard The Nintendo Switch Express’! Are you an old hand at Nintendo’s moustachioed plumber, a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, or even someone who may be entirely new to Nintendo? Well, strap in for a voyage through the Mushroom Kingdom, where I’ll be exploring the whole range of Mario games available on the Nintendo Switch, alongside a little look at the exciting new platforms Mario and friends are set to explore in the future.

Discover the Rich Library of Mario on NINTENDCRAFT GAMES

Mario’s ports. And games. And things you can do with controllers. And games. (And, more Mario games!) And tournaments. And films. And – oh, you get the idea. But they also increasingly represent truly excellent games that, in the past, he would have dismissed as being beneath him. For the first time in the plumber’s career, Nintendo Switch has become the proud home of an eclectic collection of Mario games: traditional remakes, never-before-seen 2D experiences, and bold new entries into the franchise, each a shoo-in for game of the year. If you have even a remote interest in gaming, there’s a Mario game for you (and heck, even if nothing from that extensive roster of more than 20 Mario titles intrigues you, simply switch off the television and go for a walk). Why?

Early Arrivals: The Trailblazers of 2017

It starts in 2017, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the first Mario game for Switch; it continues with the oddball crossover of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle; then it wraps up with the globe-hopping Super Mario Odyssey, showing us what a next-generation 3D Mario game should look like.

2018 Onwards: A Diverse Array of Adventures

Mario Tennis Aces offered up a story mode in 2018 (the series’ first), while Super Mario Party that same year curated a new space of the party game genre. 2019 brought Super Mario Maker 2, which allowed players to build their dream levels, and Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which answers the age-old question: how would it go if two of the most popular video game franchises square off in a series of simulated events?

Entering a New Era: 2020 and Beyond

Then, in 2020, Paper Mario: The Origami King introduced a new wrinkle to Mario’s journey, while Super Mario 3D All-Stars, released that same year, remastered three classic Mario adventures to celebrate the character’s 35th anniversary. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit brought the race to your home, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury in 2021 combined retro gameplay with a new and challenging experience.

The Future is Bright: Upcoming Mario Ventures

Players are awaiting 2024 releases such as Mario vsDonkey Kong and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake Today, the same horizon of tomorrow is filled with promises. A new Mario generation awaits: Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD and other titles will ensure fun will go on and on with the Mario family.

Play Classic Mario with NINTENDO SWITCRAFT ONLINE + Expansion Pack

If you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, you can play through the original Super Mario games – from Super Mario World to Super Mario 64 and Dr Mario 64, to name a few.

Why Nintendo Endures as a Gaming Titan

Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Much has changed since the seemingly incongruous company that started life as a maker of playing cards found a path to become a global creator of modern toys and the world leader in interactive entertainment. Nintendo’s knack for crafting fantastical and immersive worlds in which gamers can indulge in vicarious adventures has guaranteed its franchises, especially Mario, an enduring popularity with successive generations.

Nintendo and the Evolution of Mario

While his on-screen persona has been refined and further developed with each new release since his debut in the early 1980s, Mario himself has become a cultural icon, and their stewardship of the Mario franchise has been unlike any other. The company continually seeks new and innovative gameplay mechanics, but also brings back the physicality, fun and frivolity that made Mario popular in the first place. Gaming on the Switch, in its hybrid space and ever-changing play regime, is the perfect place for Mario and his friends to play.

Embracing the Future

Indeed, as technology improves, so does Nintendo. They keep innovating, keep pushing the envelope of what is possible in games – and I look forward to the wizardry that the rumoured follow-up to the Nintendo Switch will introduce. The magic of Mario, and of Nintendo, is that, no matter the technical progress, the essence of any of their games – as well as those of countless imitators – comes back to the feeling of play.

And there you have it: The Ultimate Guide to Mario Madness: All Aboard the Nintendo Switch Express – an ode to Mario titles past, present and future on Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the commitment that Nintendo has shown to bringing fresh, fun games to the world, it’s safe to say that Mario’s future is endless. As we embark on more heroic adventures, there’s no doubt that the world of Nintendo remains a bright, boundless playground for all.

Jun 14, 2024
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