Get # Into the Wilds: A Glimpse into the Future with MONSTER HUNTER WILDS

Get ready to crawl, claw, and bite your way to victory as we explore the next evolution in the Monster Hunter franchise: Monster Hunter Wilds. Ever since the announcement trailer, hunters and developers alike have been clamouring over every peculiar detail that has trickled from the development team. With such an incredible pedigree, this title aims to deliver a thrilling experience to both returning fans and new viewers alike. Explore sprawling environments, face towering monsters, and experience all-new gameplay mechanics that define this instalment in the Monster Hunter series. Join us as we discuss the reveals, the gameplay, and what to expect from this anticipated next-generation instalment.

The Call of the Wild: What to Expect from MONSTER HUNTER WILDS

MONSTER HUNTER WILDS had been revealed at The Game Awards 2023. Ever since, the upcoming addition to Capcom’s beloved series has been the talk of every gamer. The new game was meant to set the bar higher than Monster Hunter: World had reached back in 2018, connecting with a worldwide community of players through a shared quest to conquer the world’s most magnificent monsters.

Anticipating the Unleashed: MONSTER HUNTER WILDS' Release Date

Although the exact date of the ad is kept vague, Capcom says the title will come out in an ‘explosive summer of 2025’. This lays the groundwork for an intense anticipation with pop-cultural climaxes and pathological vibes before the actual game hits the streets.

A New Frontier: Platforms of Play

Setting out on a multiplatform path that its predecessor avoided, Monster Hunter Wilds come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on day one of their launches, broadening the reach of hunters, but leaving Switch fans stranded and hungry for adventure.

The Beast Within: Trailers and Teasers

The first previews of MONSTER HUNTER WILDS have left fans in high anticipation. Trailers show tremendous vistas of wild places teeming with legendary beasts, hinting at great quests and harsh trials to come, fanfiction to be written.

Embarking on the Hunt: Gameplay Innovations

This loop – the one that sees hunters running around a map to find dung piles, carving into it to gain insight into a monster, crafting gear to take down that monster, and then repeating the process for the next beast – is the core of what makes Monster Hunter tick. Monster Hunter Wilds seems primed to take the series’ signature blend of exploration, strategy and combat and augment it with new mechanics in mobility and combat versatility. A lot of this has to do with the growing prevalence of mounts – animals that hunters can ride – by which they can boost their navigation and strategy with added agility and utility.

Changing Tides: Tactical Advancements

A new gameplay trailer shows off the smoking new tactics, like setting traps on the run and leveraging the natural environment against the creatures of the wild. Being able to store and swap weapons out mid-hunt adds an element of strategy that could be exploited as circumstances change fluidly in the wild.

United We Hunt: Cooperative Ventures

It’s a place where the best gameplay arises out of cooperation. In Monster Hunter Wilds released this year, you’ll have to hunt with friends, as it’s the most enjoyable way to emotionally connect through gameplay. If you’re on your own against some of the larger creatures, things don’t go so well. But two people will take it down, and four to six players can mow it down in no time. Cooperation doesn’t just enrich the experience, it’s also the key to the community that builds around the game.

The Hunt Awaits: Preorder Insights

Except as the announced release window swoops nearer, and my fellow hunters flock to prepurchasing (no pun intended), fans still await details and, somewhat of a legacy bent from earlier installments, veteran hunters promised exclusive added goodies to this next expedition.


With MONSTER HUNTER WILDS, we see the seeds of episodic, narrative-driven exploration with a deep gaming layer, innovative gameplay and a co-op potential that could be the future of next-generation gaming.

Bridging Worlds: Crossplay and Community

In another step towards inclusivity and solidarity, Monster Hunter Wilds will offer crossplay – hunters from different platforms will be able to play together. This brings gamers from all shapes and sizes into a thriving shared community.

A Legacy in Making: The Monster Hunter Phenomenon

Monster Hunter has become a global phenomenon rather than just a cult product, with Monster Hunter: World having led the way in that regard. In each of its game entries, the series adjusts the most basic elements of its formula, while introducing innovations that lead to a changing fanbase.

Embarking on the Wilds

The anticipation for Monster Hunter Wilds is soaring as the first summer of its release in 2025 draws near. Its classic hunting elements, brilliantly updated in new and intriguing ways, are certain to take players on a transformative experience they won’t soon forget.

Understanding Monster Hunter

At its most basic, Monster Hunter is a series that values preparation, tactics, and skill in the face of near-impossible odds. It’s the spirit of the hunter; learn from your experiences, adapt to your environment, become stronger than your challenges. We try to live up to that spirit here at Monster Hunter Wilds. We aim to breathe life into that spirit by pushing the boundaries of what it means to go hunting, and what it means to be a monster hunter.

Jun 09, 2024
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