A Galaxy of Adventure Awaits: Unveiling "Star Wars Outlaws"

A bright new star is about to burst on gaming’s horizon, sending flaming tendrils of adventure into the darkest depths of space and the wildest outposts of alien planets. Star Wars Outlaws, a single-player, open-world, third-person action game, promises to take players to places – and at lightspeed – no one has dared go before. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s sure to be a sprawling saga between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Embrace the OPEN Galaxy: Explore, Combat, and Influence

Star Wars Outlaws offers you the chance to become a virtual outlaw in a rigorously simulated open world. Hired mercenary Kay Vess, aided by the android Nix, is your ticket into a galaxy where the speed of your reputation is limited only by your actions. A game for fans of open worlds, players can explore a wide range of settings – from urban streets to wilderness greenery – all available on speeder bike at the heart of the action, or from the cockpit of your starfighter spacecraft.

The Heart of Adventure: Kay Vess' Quest

At the heart of ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ is Kay Vess, a not-so-hardened-and-cynical scoundrel who – with Nix at her side – is willing to leave it all behind. But getting off the criminal career track is no simple task, leaving Kay and Nix stuck doing grubby work for other space criminals in the hope that one big score will be enough to change everything.

Engage in the OPEN-World Experience

With its open-world design, Star Wars Outlaws will introduce a new benchmark for total immersion. The game engages players with no holds barred – a living, breathing universe where your decisions have lasting consequences. Whether you want to sneak your way through or blast your way into a scene, Star Wars Outlaws lets you do it and offers more than one way to reach your goals. It’s more than a mission, it’s your window onto a living world, and your stepping-stone towards becoming a true legend of the stars.

Beyond the Horizon: Familiar Faces and New Frontiers

Star Wars Outlaws places you in a universe that feels seamless – one where the deep lore of everything you loved about Star Wars fills in the gaps between the great classic movies. You’ll meet old friends, be familiar with much of what you see (the deserts of Tatooine, for example) but you’ll also meet new people and go new places. This is a magnificent blending of the familiar and the new so that each moment in this open-world sci-fi adventure feels intimate and deeply personal.

Get Ready for Launch: Mark Your Calendars

Prepare for liftoff of Star Wars Outlaws to Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 5 on 30 August 2024. Eager stargazers can get started three days earlier on 27 August 2024, if they purchase the Ultimate Edition or have an active Ubisoft+ subscription.

Your Guide to the Galaxy: Top Recommendations

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Exploring "OPEN" in Star Wars Outlaws

At its core, Star Wars Outlaws is a love letter to open-world gaming, a design philosophy built on allowing players the greatest possible freedom to roam, react, interact, and impact the fictional universe they inhabit. Through its vast worlds, real-time responsive gameplay and dynamic narrative, Star Wars Outlaws is poised to deliver an open-world experience that, set in the Star Wars Story Group-approved world, is gaming as it has never been told: immersive, reactive, adaptable storytelling that empowers a player to live an adventure in the Star Wars galaxy like never before. Watch the skies. The adventure awaits.

Jun 11, 2024
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