Techies the world over are ramping up for the arrival of Apple Intelligence, a long-awaited innovation that promises to usher in an era of futuristic iPhone innovation and gadgetry. At last, we’re all going to get to live in a world of Spielbergian AI mashed up with the high-fictions of William Gibson’s cyberpunk fiction just as soon as we upgrade to an A17 Pro processor or an M-series chip – whatever that means! In this essential article, we’ll demystify the coming dawn of Apple Intelligence and show you how to hook whatever digital gizmo you have to the future of Apple Intelligence.


It’s the iPhone 15 Pro; it’s certain M-series iPads and MacBooks. It’s all the iOS 18-related Apple Intelligence updates that are coming later this year that will see Genmoji come to life, bring in Image Playground and rethink Siri, and continue the legacy in Writing Tools. But then there’s Math Notes for the iPadOS 18 update and Smart Script in iOS 18. Here’s what’s coming to a phone near you this year. The iPhone 15 Pro. iPhones are far more than phones. Apple Computers have, for the most part, been the crucibles in which the hopes and dreams of the global corporation take the shape of OS, bring forth new digital interactions, and change the world … and iPhones are no different. With the better cameras introduced with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple simultaneously changed the world of smartphone photography. Then they changed the world of AR. And now, this year, they’re changing the world of imagery again. Genmoji. When Apple made Animoji, they opened the door for more than simply animated emoji. Bring in Image Playground and rethink Siri, and you start to see that now you can create a whole new way of expressing yourself to others while talking with your phone, and in a way that’s simply unavailable on any other device – or the competition. Writing Tools. Okay, let’s go; this is going to take awhile.


‘Why is the iPhone 14 Pro allowed to stand on the sidelines as Apple Intelligence explodes?’ The answer is found in the technology: the A17 Pro chip will have better RAM and GPU capabilities than the older A16 Pro (and M-series chips will have better RAM, too). You could read this through the back of processor farm kitchens. But it’s ultimately about features such as Genmoji running on the latest tech, not being held back by a less capable phone.


Rest assured, the iPhone 14 Pro and its ilk will not be left a stone or a software update behind. A host of new features – customisable home screens and a dedicated Passwords app, to name two – will be introduced with the rollout of the iOS 18 software release. A whole new slew of emoji reactions, including toasting glasses and lying faces, and tweaks to texting that will allow more characters to disappear when backspacing make up some of the new highlights, along with long-needed connectivity like Messages via Satellite which, among other things, will enable those who venture off the digital grid to still stay in touch.


And Apple Intelligence, exclusively available on the best devices, is a cauldron of ingenuity. A Siri who doesn’t just listen, but who understands what you’re doing on screen, so instead of commands it sounds more like a conversation with a very smart assistant. Your smart tools help you write and edit and revise your tone.


In conjunction with the release of Apple Intelligence (coming very soon), the way we interact online is about to be radically transformed. Here’s how the iPhone 15 Pro and other machines will soon predict, simplify and enhance our communication.


In the great orchard of technology, among the uncertain seeds of promise and the withered fruit of misguided ideas, there is a special tree: the tree of Apple. The company that began on a grand scale some 30 years ago has never ceased redefining what it means to be connected. From the first Macintosh to the latest iPhone, an apple is more than a computer or phone: an apple is an invitation to a world in which technology exists to serve, dazzle and inspire. But the greatest magic comes with the latest product: Apple Intelligence. These are the latest offerings in the Apple saga. The journey has only begun.

Jun 12, 2024
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