### Inside the APPLE Vision Pro Evolution: How APPLE is Currently Showing Us the Way of the Future

But in an age where tech is constantly focused on one-upmanship, APPLE is at the pinnacle, rewriting the rules every day. The Apple Vision Pro was only announced a little more than a year ago – at the APPLE Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) – billed as a device that would change how we see the world. The $3,499 price tag that APPLE initially announced caused the buzz to die off a little in those early days, but when the device went on sale for real in February this year, there was at least a brief rekindling of excitement. Then came WWDC 2024, and APPLE had the perfect window to revitalise the Apple Vision Pro.

#### The Dawn of visionOS 2

At WWDC 2024, APPLE announced visionOS 2, the next operating system for the Apple Vision Pro. ‘The visual experience is front and centre here. Spatial computing is back in a big way,’ says APPLE’s exec VP of technologies. ‘We spent a lot of time optimising computer graphics for the human eye. We created new microprocessors that work specifically with the human eye.’ APPLE continues to push the AR/VR envelope and is defining the experience for users.

##### Enriching Memories with Photos

One of the biggest modifications in the visionOS 2 update was to the Photos app, spatial photo capabilities that are now based of 2D standard images with the help of AI could now feel as if one is inside the photo, giving spatial depth to ordinary 2D pictures. With the introduction of Spatial personas, another breakthrough development was the working ability of Shareplay with spatial avatars to assist people in the sharing of memory by their spatial avatars accompanying the media that was shared.

##### Ultra-wide Mac Display: A Game Chaser

An ultra-wide Mac display for the Apple Vision Pro was another highlight of WWDC: with a field of view simulating two 4K displays side by side, it raises productivity and entertainment to a new level. APPLE’s continued advancements in display technology show their commitment to providing the best user experience possible.

##### More Than Just Hardware Updates

Not to mention hardware updates, visionOS 2 has so many new features to make interactions easier and to expand creative possibilities. New hand gesture features and travel mode specifically for trains all show that APPLE is working to refine the user journey. Finally, APPLE has pushed for developers and content creators to develop apps and video content that can be created in a spatial environment, with hardware partnerships like the Canon spatial video lens and the new Apple Vision Pro app for Vimeo.

##### Embarking on an Immersive Video Adventure

Apple immersive video offers a glimpse of what the future of video consumption could be, where you are not merely observing, you are part of the action, fully immersed in the viewing experience.

##### Global Expansion: Spreading the APPLE Vision

Another major step in APPLE’s plan is the launch of Apple Vision Pro outside the U.S. It has been announced that the device will be available in China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Bathroom Kingdom, which will expand the number of people who can witness APPLE’s apocalypse; at the same time, it will introduce the future of AR/VR to many more people around the world.

### Understanding APPLE

An ethos of innovation, of perfectionism and of stretching out to the boundaries of what’s possible lies behind every APPLE product. The Apple Vision Pro is hugely expensive, but it is also a distillation of these values into the most advanced, fulfilling embodiment of wearable technology that’s possible with today’s technology. We will soon see updates like visionOS 2 that seek to perfect the user experience.

Where APPLE leads, other companies follow, as it is about to take us on an exciting voyage into the future of AR and VR. With the Apple Vision Pro and other such efforts, APPLE not only builds the future of personal technology but also the future of digital human interface. As we make our way into what William Gibson referred to as ‘the future that’s already here’, one thing is certain: APPLE leads the way.

Jun 11, 2024
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