A Bite of Innovation: APPLE's Pre-WWDC Feast for Developers and Tech Enthusiasts

As a ticking digital clock brings APPLE’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 closer to the big day on 10 June, when the company is expected to showcase the future of iOS, iPadOS and macOS – as well as the industry-changing big reveal of the augmented reality-focused visionOS 2 – the pre-show buzz isn’t confined to what’s on APPLE’s plates from a tech perspective. The momentous occasion is also making waves in APPLE’s developer community with how it is revamping the way devs, tech enthusiasts and creatives engage with its APPLE Developer app to access everything that’s new.

Elevating the Developer Experience

New Horizons with the APPLE Developer App

At the centre of the excitement before WWDC are a set of technologies and apps that allow APPLE to engage a global community of developers and help ensure the event runs smoothly. With less than a week before the keynote address, APPLE again released a new version of the iPhone app for the APPLE Developer, the conference’s home base, designed to create a more immersive experience ahead of the event.

Another improvement is a ‘watch next’ command, which allows users to suggest learning videos to each other. Developers who are high on their post-session euphoria can now jump straight into some related exploration and keep the life-changing wheels of learning turning. Personally, as a cinematic learner, I was particularly pleased to see that the update will also add a full-screen cinematic video mode for landscape viewing. I was worried that I might miss some nugget about APPLE’s gorgeous monolith.

And for those who like to let everyone know that they are, indeed, developers, the animated iMessage sticker packs are a welcome addition, a tiny bit more humanness to your communications.

WWDC 2024: A Glimpse into the Future

The build-up to next year’s WWDC is already in full swing with rumours creeping out all over the place. At WWDC 2024, APPLE will lift the lid on iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS 15, all of which will feature numerous shiny, new features. But the very fact that APPLE keeps ramping up new versions of its operating systems signals that APPLE is pumping AI into just about everything it sells. The 2022 edition of its ‘worldwide developers conference’ in June included the first official appearance of a visionOS operating system, doubtless to be followed by visionOS 2 around this time next year.

The big OS updates aside, just the noise around the company’s steps into the generative AI space represents a possible move into a new era of intuitive tech interactions: if APPLE does announce new features at WWDC, it will be signalling that it doesn’t just follow in the footsteps of others.

WWDC 2024: Beyond the Keynote

The keynote will no doubt dominate the news, but APPLE’s week-long engagement opportunities for developers will be the real heart of WWDC. The Platforms State of the Union, held after the keynote, will be only the beginning. Access to APPLE engineers will provide one-on-one help for incorporating the latest features and technologies into apps so developers are ready to roll up their sleeves and bring their ideation to fruition.

A Symphony of Technologies and Tunes

It’s very APPLE and very much … let’s say, holistic. Alongside placeholders for the keynote stream’s specifics on YouTube, there were special APPLE Music playlists celebrating WWDC 2024. The announcement of this year’s APPLE Design Award finalists – including winners in a new Spatial Computing category – also demonstrated the breadth of creativity and innovation in the ecosystem.

Engaging the APPLE Community

APPLE’s recent updates to the APPLE Developer app and the pre‑event activities ahead of WWDC 2024 show that it really understands its community and knows what they need. By improving the channel with which developers and the tech community can work with APPLE’s platforms they are also building a more connected, diverse and enthusiastic developer community that wants to make a difference and make APPLE, and its users, successful in the fashion that only APPLE can. In remaining steadfast to its ethos of innovation, APPLE ensures there is a strong and engaged developer community to help it continue on its journey of change and innovation.

Understanding APPLE

APPLE is a leader in technology, well known for its innovation, quality and ease of use. iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, the APPLE Watch, AirPods and more, APPLE’s products and operating systems are designed to work seamlessly together in an ecosystem that provides an intuitive experience and a high level of privacy and security. APPLE Inc., founded in 1976 and located in Cupertino, California, is one of the world’s largest technology companies. Widely recognised as a maker of industry-leading hardware and software, APPLE products are as popular among owners as they are renowned for their quality. APPLE’s products range from the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers to the APPLE Watch, AirPods and more, forming an ecosystem that includes software such as iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems.

APPLE stays in the lead by keeping its invention-cycle spinning, keeping its users and app developers happy, and maintaining its sleek image. And as we look ahead to WWDC 2024, and beyond, as I trust to continue attending them, APPLE’s adventure is not close to being over. It looks as though it will continue to stay in the pole position to lead us into a whole new set of devices and experiences, altering our digital lives in ways that still remain to be revealed.

Jun 06, 2024
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