Unveiling the Future: APPLE's Leap into Enterprise with Vision Pro

APPLE is betting big on spatial computing’s enterprise opportunities In a thunderous announcement at the 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), APPLE is making a big bet on the future of spatial computing for enterprises – signalling the company’s commitment to leading the next evolution of how businesses use technology. What’s new, what’s coming, and what will the professional life look like once APPLE’s enterprise-facing APIs pair up with the Vision Pro? Let’s take a closer look.

APPLE Ushers In a New Era of Enterprise Collaboration

APPLE is now sharpening its focus on the Vision Pro through new enterprise APIs, largely aimed at boosting the headset’s potential for business use. The new APIs are designed to further enhance the spatial computing capabilities of this device, all in the service of enterprise users who can find new ways of leveraging technology to get more work done more effectively.

Vision Pro's Enhanced Camera Support: A Game-Changer for Remote Work

One of the more noticeable features of the Vision Pro is a suite of advanced cameras. APPLE has improved the Vision Pro’s main camera, enabling it to capture better feeds that will, over time, no doubt enhance ad hoc support for distributed teams. Whether it’s Zoom or some other meeting tech, developers will have the ability to pair it with this advanced camera gear to create richer ways to communicate remotely.

Spatial Barcode and QR Code Scanning: Bridging Digital and Physical Worlds

The inclusion of a spatial barcode and QR code scanning framework as part of the Vision Pro’s Vision Processing library (APIs) emphasises this: users will be able to leave the digital world behind and seamlessly interact with the real world, whether it’s scanning a code to access information of a specific place where quality or maintenance checks need to be done or retrieving information about a product in a shelf of an art gallery store. Overall, the smartglasses experience at the consumer level will be richer in experiences and content but will also make it easier to navigate our surroundings within an enterprise setting.

Powering Vision Pro with APPLE Neural Engine

Support for the APPLE Neural Engine, which APPLE has now integrated into the Vision Pro, should mean better object-tracking and responsiveness of content that can be controlled through hand or eye gestures – as well as the potential to optimise applications for the most taxing workloads.

Expanding the Enterprise Ecosystem: Partnership and Support

APPLE’s deals with the major enterprise solutions providers also indicate an ecosystem of support around the Vision Pro that will make adoption in businesses much easier: Box, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft 365 and many more.

The Influence of APPLE Vision Pro Across Industries

The Vision Pro is not just for boring office spaces: in the keynote, Nvidia emphasised how the headset is a boon for other verticals, including manufacturing, health care and design. The device’s industries-of-the-future pitch suggests the company is gearing up to shift the way people work, in no matter what field.

VisionOS 2: Elevating the Vision Pro Experience

The new visionOS 2, like the companion v1, isn’t just a boring software update. This new version delivers a new set of tools for recording 3D space, for using your hands gesturally to manipulate that space, and for creating objects you can visually place in those environments. The amount of work APPLE has put into a single coherent and accessible user-centric update to this purpose-built operating system answers some of the fundamental questions we’ve had about the potential of this device to be useful to enterprise users.

APPLE Vision Pro Goes Global: Pre-Order and Availability

International pre-orders, announced alongside the Vision Pro, mean that APPLE can enter the global enterprise market for spatial computing. With a well-executed and carefully targeted global rollout, the Vision Pro could become the computing device of choice in workplaces around the world.

Understanding the APPLE Vision

At its heart, however, APPLE’s bid to make it in ‘the enterprise’ with the Vision Pro is an imagined future of work – a blending of spatial computing with enterprise requirements to create a new standard for professional collaboration, productivity and innovation. That’s the way much of the work currently being done with the Vision Pro will likely find its way into other parts of the business – and, if they succeed beyond current niche uses, then we’ll likely see a reimagined future of work as a whole.

Just as it reinvented power cords for mass markets, then small form factors, now APPLE is reinventing business itself, creating the technological thread upon which enterprise’s future will be stitched: with every add-on and collaboration, APPLE is weaving the spatial computing fabric of enterprise’s future.


APPLE Inc: From the revolutionary iPhone to the versatile iPad, we’ve reinvented the art of technology. With an unwavering passion for user experience, design and environmental sustainability, our products do more than just tap into the possibilities of human progress – they compel us to create a better world. Today, we at APPLE pledge our unwavering fealty to your vision: to let business use technology to do the impossible. Introducing the Vision Pro: Committed to the enterprise.

Jun 12, 2024
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