Unleashing Creativity with iOS 18: The APPLE Revolution

Apple wasn’t lying when they announced a new iteration iOS: iOS 18 is coming, and it goes way beyond an ‘update’. It’s reductive to call this technology an ‘update’. Granted, Apple introduced me to what many others in the tech world already knew, but it was a revelation to me of Apple’s ambitious goals and the technology powering my iPhone and most likely yours. Even if you aren’t an Apple fan, you’ll understand how this expansion of feature-space will shape the future of your phone, even if it’s Andriod-powered. Now, let’s talk about iOS 18, and let’s change what we thought was possible about Apple. What is iOS 18?: Playlists aren’t defined by their songs, but by a style, genre or mood The most integral aspect of how we use our phones is nested in how we use music. It’s a technology we use to change how we experience other technologies. Moving our sights away from the familiar world of music, we can see that other media, such as photos or videos, become technologies that fit into a curated world called playlists.

Siri's Leap into the Future

As you’d expect for the most AI-powered iOS ever, everything is centred around the AI called, oh so fittingly, Apple Intelligence. This is seen most clearly in an improved Siri that is more than just a voice on your Apple device. It can finally be more of a context-aware assistant that does the work for you and understands the on-screen content in a way that is almost human-like. Now that Siri can do some things by typing, and you can optionally connect it to ChatGPT, Siri is literally going to be an interactive AI like never before, and arguably the most private way anyone has ever interacted with an AI. However, to have the pinnacle of Siri experiences possible, you will need an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Elevate Privacy with Locked and Hidden Apps

iOS 18 the feature of the year will be the ability to lock and hide all your apps with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode in a hidden folder, also if the app would be open it won’t show any information to show anywhere in the system, this will be a major step to safely protect your private data in our current world where privacy is so important.Apple is finally going to add a system-wide app lock and a hidden folder in iOS 18.

A Canvas for Creativity: Interface Customization

It grants a degree of customisation that goes far beyond anything that iOS users have been permitted, and allows you to set the gaps between your home screen icons to whatever size you want, colourise your app icons, and modify the Control Centre in ways previously unthinkable. For the first time, an Apple device doesn’t just start feeling stale and drab; it becomes something you can stamp with your identity in a truly personal way, setting a new benchmark for interface design.

A Sanctuary for Passwords: The Password Manager

From the earliest days of iCloud Keychain, Apple has been incrementally encouraging its users to — at a minimum — embrace good, strong online security hygiene. Soon, with its upcoming iOS 18, Apple will tip over into outright advocacy. A dedicated password manager app stands to become a standard feature on all Apple devices and platforms, end-to-end encrypted, ready to be used and shared across the ecosystem. It won’t simply be storing passwords. Instead, the expectation is that it will enable an entire ecosystem in which every account, every data point, is secured behind its very own, distinct, unbreakable key.

Perfecting Memories with AI Photo Editing

It won’t go as far as competitors like Google’s iPhone rival in developing a suite of AI photo-editing tools, but one of the newest feature in iOS 18 might be the most intriguing, at least in terms of what it could mean for the digital albums of the future. The Clean Up tool is an AI-based feature that promises to edit out unwanted elements from your photos automatically, giving users the power to edit their experiences with ease and allowing them to reframe their memories as they see fit. Clean Up is the first hint of what Apple thinks the future of AI-based image editing could hold – one in which every image we take will be fine-tuned to reflect the moment as it was supposed to look.

Discover More About Apple

Since its inception, Apple has always been about innovation – but with iOS 18, the company in Cupertino is breaking new ground. At the core of iOS 18’s plethora of features is a vision – a vision of technology serving as not just a utility but also an enhancement of human imagination, intelligence and privacy. The announcement of iOS 18 is a testament to Apple’s dedication to excellence, the company weaving intelligence, customisation and privacy into every part of their operating system and taking their users into the future of digital experience.

iOS 18’s improvement to Siri, it’s giving more power to keep apps private, letting you modify how apps look and feel, a dedicated password manager, and built-in AI photo editing are just some pointers of a larger operation of iOS 18 and what it will bring to all of us when it widely launches. Apple is continuing to raise the bar, lighting the way to a time where not only are our digital lives safe, private and efficient, but also our digital lives are becoming more personal, more customisable – and more creative. iOS 18 is no update. It’s a revolution.

Jun 15, 2024
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