An Orchard of Innovation: The Sweet Anticipation of WWDC 2024

Few events in tech attract as much anticipatory press speculation as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Like the harvest of the northern-hemisphere year, WWDC is Apple’s biennial opportunity to trot out the fatherhood of its labour, birthing the seeds of its coming season of tech innovation, the prospect of which is often greeted by Apple aficionados and developers alike with bated breath. In 2024, it is already a foretaste of the software fruits to come.

Gather Around: How to Catch Every Moment of WWDC 2024

If asked on 8 June 2024, one week before the keynote at WWDC 2024, how to find and latch on to its beating heart, a true Apple fan or any onlooker with an internet connection and curiosity can answer with confidence that precise access will be available through the live streaming video provided by Apple on a dedicated webpage starting several hours before the keynote begins.

For those ensconced in the Apple universe, the Apple TV and the Apple TV app serve as entry points to the WWDC show – and as a Jedi mind trick to social media (yes, X was once Twitter), not to mention its YouTube channel (the keynote can be seen just about anywhere). You can jump in live or you can catch up later, but Apple offers WWDC right at your fingertips.

Peeling Back the Curtain: What to Expect from WWDC 2024

There’s a powerful sense that new Apple hardware is coming (there always is at this time of year), but each year WWDC is more about planting seeds of the next generation of software innovation. Expect a bumper crop this year between iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 for the iPhone and tablet, with watchOS 11 and tvOS 18 for the Apple Watch and Apple TV, plus macOS 15 and Apple Vision Pro updates.

There are bound to be meaningful changes in iOS 18 and in the iPad equivalent, hinting at a refresh of the UI (user interface), RCS support in iMessage (thank goodness), and a revamped Control Centre. But the most promising growth is in the use of AI across the APPLE ecosystem, in which the future of tech includes anticipating users and adapting to their needs.

From Vision to Reality: The Anticipated Blossom of New Software

After the fanfare has faded, Apple will plant the first developer, then public betas in early July. Come fall, we expect to see iOS 18, iPadOS 18, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, watchOS 11 and macOS 15 blossoming and ripe for the picking.

Plucking Insights: Editors' Picks from the APPLE Tree

Meanwhile, our editors have plucked some of the juiciest encounters in the Apple orchard. Scroll on for more beyond next year’s WWDC 2024.

  • It turns out that, when it comes to taking photos with an iPad, the devices’ literal sweetness turns out to be the least of the surprises.
  • The Apple Watch looms on the precipice of adding a new suite of noteworthy health features that will make the device feel even more essential as the handset that keeps you alive.
  • Your inbox on iOS 18 should be a relief, a breath of fresh air to your iPhone correspondence.
  • Even Apple’s modest mea culpa where it agreed that in some areas Android led: For the first time in this messaging campaign, Apple seems to be signalling that it is open to growth and further improvement.

Understanding the APPLE Ecosystem

Behind all this hype lies Apple – synonymous with innovation, with quality and with a ‘user-centred design’ aesthetic. This company, which started in a garage, and then became the largest technology company in the world, continually re-establishes the technological limits, causing riptides in every industry it engages with. Its closed hardware and software ecosystem is a walled garden – an operating system and devices that, designed to work together, develop the user.

Apple’s focus on privacy, sustainability and accessibility means that these innovations can be experienced by everyone, with the company’s credentials cementing its future potential. In the coming months, Apple’s WWDC 2024 continues the company’s effort to continue to develop a world in which technology enables us to contribute to a brighter and more connected future for all.


From new software updates to new hardware features, Apple is upgrading ahead of WWDC 2024. The buzz is building ahead of WWDC 2024, the tech giant’s annual developer conference expected in June. Typically held in California, Apple’s developers unveil a host of upcoming products and software updates in front of a live audience. In recent years, the events have been held virtually and will likely return to that format in 2023, given the omicron variant of the Covid virus continues to spread. Apple is known for introducing groundbreaking software updates and new hardware features every year, so we look toward the Apple conference this year with bated breath. What new technologies will Apple showcase? We wish we knew! All we can do is wait as anticipation builds for what will undoubtedly be more innovations that help Apple’s leading reputation soar even higher. But rest assured, with every increment of anticipation comes a new flower blossoming on the tree in Apple’s expansive orchard of innovation.

Jun 09, 2024
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