Unveil the Future with SAMSUNG - Get a Galaxy Book 4 Edge and a Free 50-inch Smart TV

For the nerdiest of tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers, the slew of new launches and good deals around them during this festive season can seem like a kind of early Christmas. Amid the wave of enticing offers, Samsung’s latest promotion is almost like a miraculous tech Christmas wish come true. If you want to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge – the next frontier in Samsung’s series of innovative laptops – then this could well be the best time yet. Here’s everything you need to know to get yourself not just a groundbreaking laptop but also an ‘SE50A’ 50-inch Samsung smart TV, entirely for free.

Why SAMSUNG's Offer is Turning Heads

If you open a box expecting to see a sleek and powerful Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge – and instead there’s also a Samsung Class Crystal UHD TV, 50-inches of sheer beauty, that comes with it, for one price – we’re sorry to say, you’re not dreaming. It just might be the best of both worlds on one of Samsung’s most enticing new deals.

A Deep Dive into the Galaxy Book 4 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge, the big item in the deal, is powered by a Snapdragon processor and comes in both 14-inch and 16-inch sizes with starting prices of $1,349.99 and $1,449.99 respectively.

SAMSUNG's Trade-In Program: A Sweet Cherry on Top

Value is important, obviously, to Samsung, which has partnered this deal with its trade-in, potentially knocking up to another $535 off the price, bringing the GalaxyBook 4 Edge down to a realistic $815. That’s when you need to trade in your old device. You’re going to need a bigger handbag.

The Crown Jewel: A 50-inch Samsung Class Crystal UHD TV

With a free 50-inch Samsung smart TV, you’re getting more than a freebie; you’re getting a smarter form of viewing. Your viewing experience is filled with PurColor, 4K Upscaling, Motion Xcelerator, Mega Contrast and an HDR, which promises picture quality like you’ve never seen before, and a Tizen OS platform that connects you to thousands of your favorite shows.

How to Claim This Unparalleled Offer

But there is a way of getting this two-fold delight, and it is simple – if you hurry. Because this offer is only available in the pre-order period of the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge. It will not be here tomorrow, if you sleep on this.

A Future-Proof Investment

Beyond the immediate bliss of a shiny new laptop or TV, owning a Samsung offers a commitment to the future: you’re buying into a vision of progress that makes certain you’ll own tomorrow’s tech today.

Why SAMSUNG Stands Out

Samsung is a name that can be described as: likened to other tech manufacturers of the era by offering innovation, superior quality and customer satisfaction. Their products are pushing the limits of possibilities and technology. From smartphones to laptops or TVs, Samsung is well known for being a leader of a modern age.

Elevate Your Tech Experience with SAMSUNG

Receive a 50-inch Samsung smart TV for free when you pre-order your Galaxy Book 4 Edge: it’s more than a deal, it’s a slogan of the Samsung way of life. Buying Samsung products isn’t choosing a commodity, it’s choosing to add new dimensions of productivity, entertainment, and connection to one’s life.


Samsung is a global leader in high-tech electronics that has made a name for itself in the world of technology and innovation. Samsung is a pioneer in inventive tech artefacts and solutions, always redefining the cutting edge of high tech equipment, providing today’s needs and creating the future of tomorrow. Samsung is pushing itself to the limits of research and development to provide a smarter world where everything is easier and better connected in tomorrow’s future.

With this staggering deal and the novel technologies that each product contains, Samsung strengthens their reputation as tech giants. Pre-order the Galaxy Book 4 Edge and get your free 50-inch Samsung smart TV – not only are you buying tech, but a legacy of innovation and greatness that Samsung have cultivated over years.

May 30, 2024
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