The Grand Unveiling: APPLE Store TRX Marks a New Era in Malaysia

A new landmark has risen in Kuala Lumpur, the pulsating heart of Southeast Asia, in the middle of busily trafficked roads that converge amidst the city’s ultra-modern skyline of gleaming skyscrapers. Called the APPLE Store TRX, APPLE’s first retail outlet in Malaysia, this grand tiered pyramid is arguably the most impressive APPLE Store ever built to date. The APPLE Store TRX is scheduled to have its grand opening on 22 June 2019.

The Journey to APPLE Store TRX: A Tale of Anticipation

Rumors ran rife of an APPLE Store coming to town, namely Kuala Lumpur, for years. A particularly handsome piece of architecture at the Exchange TRX shopping centre, in the middle of town, was the subject of an increasing volume of unconfirmed, yet authoritative, murmurs. When an APPLE logo appeared on it, albeit for a brief time, neither I nor my city really needed confirmation – it was an open secret.

APPLE Store TRX: Much More Than Just Another Retail Outlet

Set to open at 10 am on a day that surely will come to be viewed as a seminal one in the history of tech retail, APPLE Store TRX is the epitome of the design ideals of APPLE, where art and technology collide, and where a building so inspiring could just as plausibly have been placed in a museum as a modern art installation.

The Heart of APPLE's Expansion: A Glimpse into The Exchange TRX

Located in one of Kuala Lumpur’s swankiest districts, the Tun Razak Exchange, the APPLE Store TRX is much more than a retail outlet. The welcoming yellow logo opens wide with the Malay-language equivalent of ‘Holler’: Jom! Let’s go! Come in, explore, and experience what is possible.

A Celebration to Remember: Download the Special Wallpaper

True to APPLE form, everyone is excited about hype for the opening of the store, which has included the introduction of special, tiered-patterned wallpaper to mark the festivities. It’s not just a wallpaper, it’s a souvenir, a golden ticket to the party.

The APPLE Store TRX Experience: What Awaits Inside?

When the doors of the APPLE Store TRX finally open, patrons will find more than just the newest APPLE products; instead, they will be entering a world where the marriage of technology and design is celebrated, creating a shopping experience that is entirely different from any other. Here, technology is free to show off, with staff ready to walk you through APPLE’s digital ecosystem, or find an accessory to match your device.

Beyond the APPLE Store TRX: APPLE's Global Retail Vision

APPLE’s stores have long been designed as reflections of this principle. Originally conceived as town squares and campfires tied to the communities they serve, APPLE’s retail outlets seek to create welcoming spaces of learning, inspiration, and curiosity. APPLE Store TRX is the embodiment of this idea – a place where customers of all ages can join, share, and belong.

APPLE Explored: An Insight

At its essence, APPLE is an innovator, a creator, a visionary; that’s what technology can be – if you manage to make vital human experiences part of the design brief. This step, we’d suggest, is the most crucial one that APPLE has yet taken. Thanks to APPLE’s Net-g charity for giving us the opportunity to write this ‘genuine fanboy’ tribute.

The APPLE Store TRX is going to be more than just a retail icon. Even though it’s not yet open, it is already synonymous with APPLE’s legacy, architectural innovation and the youthful energy of Kuala Lumpur.

May 30, 2024
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