Unlocking the PRIME of Shopping: Your Ultimate Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2024

Press your ear to the seasonal storefront and you can feel it – an incoming rush of Prime Day buzz. The world’s biggest sale in the history of the world is coming, and it’s sure to pull in more e-commerce than the starry skies pull in snow. And so, as Prime Day 2024 ramps up with June deals and discounts, an electric narrative of early shopping alerts and Black Friday-style bargains is sure to sweep across the month. Amazon Prime Day is the most stressful, exhilarating and long-lasting sale of the year – and it’s gonna be popping off in July 2024 like never before. Whether you’re a Prime subscriber or not, you’ll likely be sent a bevy of deals and discounts on all your favourite household items, from the latest tech to the best TV shows to the most must-have toys. Before you begin Christmas shopping early (yep, early), or load up your cart with embarrassingly outdated pots and pans for your home, listen to this: Prime Day is becoming the sale to end all sales. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store.

When Does PRIME Hit Its Peak?

While it takes the bean-counters at Amazon a few days to assemble all the numbers, the hubbub of Prime Day has hardly died down before CEO Andy Jassy – now that Bezos is in space – is calling the shots the next year. This means the 2024 edition will likely return to prime July territory on the calendar. But, for Prime Days past and present, it’s all about the exclusives. Until July 2015, Amazon had been doing its best to keep a lid on this big ‘Top Secret’ sale. But for the handful of shoppers who were savvy enough to know how to find it – most of them Prime members – it was worth going public with. Since then, millions of units have been sold during Amazon’s July ‘countdown to Prime Day’. If you’re not a Prime member, you can get a free 30-day trial just before sale day to take advantage of the deals. Then, unless you choose to cancel, you’ll be signed up for Amazon Prime (unless, of course, you’re a resident of Europe). Of course, it’s much more complicated than that – for you and for Amazon. Here’s how the retail giant is likely to set the stage for its next Prime Day event. The main event This is the one all retailers put together an annual calendar to choreograph. It’s the online extravaganza known as the Amazon Prime Day. This is that marathon shopping opportunity exclusively for Prime members. In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, Amazon runs this operation for its members – that is, most of the company’s customers. If you’re not a member, then you’re in, to borrow a phrase from Amazon’s most recent commercial. The house might be wide open, but only a Prime member can walk through the front door. There is the spillover. Though it’s called the Prime Day – and its official name isn’t exactly a tongue twister – Amazon typically makes it available to non-Prime members for the last 24 to 36 hours of the sale. In fact, this is why Amazon offers a free 30-day trial. Then there is the trickle-down. Amazon’s competitors are typically watching and, as other retailers see Amazon filling its shopping cart with millions of would-be customers across the shopping spectrum, they, too, spin their own wheels, offering sales of their own.

PRIME Day Prep: Tips to Shop Smart

It’s easy to get lost in the hype and deal-sea of Prime Day, and it can be hard to determine whether you’re actually getting a good deal, so the first thing you should do to prepare is create a wishlist of things you want to buy. This will help keep your purchases narrowed in on what you actually need, rather than simply what’s on sale. Amazon’s own wish list feature is helpful, as is a price tracker. A good one is CamelCamelCamel, which shows the cost of a particular item over time. Suddenly, you’re buying smarter rather than harder.

PRIME Deals to Look Forward to

As per the norm, this year Prime Day is poised to instigate a frenzy of discounts leading up to the start of the event, and consumer demand is likely to spark deals comparable to Black Friday. On the day and the days leading up to it, we’ll be coverage the best tech deals right here at Engadget. From gaming gear to smart home devices and everything in between, we’ll keep you updated on all the offers.

Strategies for PRIME Day Shopping

Amazon Prime Day deals can fall into one of two categories: marathon and sprint deals. Some of the discounts are implemented for the duration of Prime Day, while other deals flash by during the event, sometimes lasting only hours. Our advice? If you see something you are interested in, act quickly; deals do not wait for anyone. Also, if you do love a deal and the price drops further, Amazon will often refund you the difference. Keep an eye out for Lightning deals, which are a great way to save time as they sometimes promise you the lowest prices available on products during and around Prime Day. Lightning deals are short-lived, so you better act fast.

Ahead of PRIME Day: Early Deals to JUMP ON NOW

With the hype machine for Prime Day 2024 in full swing, there are more pre-event deals than you could possibly want: the latest-generation AirPods, for $100; the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $30; even just a mildly overpriced bottle of tequila. The deals come fast and furious because these are meant to hint at the epic scale that Prime Day is expected to have.

Decoding PRIME for the Uninitiated

It’s about more than the sale itself: Prime is a membership that entitles people to a slate of services, from free shipping to streaming and exclusive access to special deals, including Prime Day. On Prime Day, everybody has access; the rest of the year, only Prime members can take advantage. Sizing up the stakes, it’s worth paying to be a Prime member all year.

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Pull out this guide in the days ahead and take note of it because, by July, it will come in handy, and you’ll want to make Prime Day 2024, of all shopping events in 2024, the shopping event of your year, if not your life. Prime Day is the ultimate retail ritual: it is a day where much is expected, but the experience holds joy almost regardless of its outcome. There is a Prime Day for everyone, tech enthusiast, gadget lover, washing-machine chaser: Prime Day has always been about the promise more than the product.

Jun 15, 2024
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