Unleashing Creativity and Inclusion in Gaming: MICROSOFT's Revolutionary Move

As real ways of engaging become increasingly enhanced and innovative, with inclusivity and creativity the aim of modern technology, Microsoft recently recognised the market by launching their Microsoft Proteus Controller, which ‘combines modularity with adaptivity, allowing it to meet the needs of gamers with different physical abilities.’ According to their website, the controller ‘represents a future in which barriers are being broken down brick by brick’, making video-gaming accessible and inclusive to all.

The Essence of MICROSOFT's Innovation

What Sets the Proteus Controller Apart?

In pursuit of greater inclusivity in gaming, Microsoft created a truly novel controller named the Proteus Controller, which is modular and uses ‘snap and play’ parts, small cubes that swap out that have interchangeable faceplates to include some of the key parts of an Xbox controller, such as controller buttons, directional pads, analogue sticks, and a thumbstick. The Proteus can be configured in more than 100 different ways and feature LED lighting patterns that a be customised – parts can even be 3D printed. Microsoft’s vision for a playing field rendered accessible to all gamers with disabilities is apparent in this controller.

Empowering Gamers with Disabilities

At the heart of the entire innovation is access: what we’re asking you to do here makes you feel independent and comfortable At the core of what you’re seeing is truly open Do It Yourself. The Proteus Controller is a highly configurable, completely modular device that allows players of all types—particularly one-handed gamers and those with other disabilities—to construct a completely custom gaming setup that makes them feel comfortable: ‘At the heart of the entire innovation is access: what we’re asking you to do here makes you feel independent and comfortable,’ Durrant-Whyte said. With the Proteus Controller, Microsoft is making a promise: you will be comfortable with us; you have nothing to lose by playing video games how you always have, except the old clunky controllers.

Personalization at Its Core

On top of its modular design, the Proteus Controller by Microsoft has buttons that are remappable – the ultimate gift to the gamer, and to Microsoft’s vision of gaming as framed by flexibility in the service of individuality. This is what gaming is all about: not just gaming, but the experience of gaming. The experience of it, by you, uniquely.

MICROSOFT's Path to Inclusivity and Innovation

A Gateway to Inclusive Gaming

This focus on more inclusive gaming is hardly a late-discovered calling for Microsoft. Adaptive technology and Proteus Controller are the opening acts of a future in which limits are merely potentials for new ways to create.

A Journey towards Personalized Experiences

The variety of needs of gamers of different abilities certainly challenged Microsoft to think differently about gaming experiences. By personalising everything at the core of their push, Microsoft not only accommodates but also celebrates the value of diversity of people’s use of technology.

The Power of Community Feedback

Community feedback is critical to this innovation process. For instance, the Proteus Controller was directly inspired and shaped by the requests of gamers with disabilities. The hands-free controller received praise for its user-centered design.

Decoding MICROSOFT: A Pioneer in Technological Innovation

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Meanwhile, Microsoft’s new Proteus Controller, announced in March, is a ground-breaking piece of adaptive technology that brings us one step closer to greater diversity, inclusion and personalisation within the world of games. This announcement is reflective of a broader movement within Microsoft to enhance accessibility across all its products. Removing barriers to technology is a progressive step toward a more equitable, diverse world. Microsoft contributes to the advancement of humanity through its commitment to adaptive technologies, and as technology continues to evolve, Gizmogo is dedicated to championing it throughout its lifecycle.

May 15, 2024
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