Unveiling the Future of Gaming with OCP: Where Innovation Meets Creation

In an industry where teams are forever trying to find something new to make in the name of gaming innovation – from a new way to play, to new ways to generate, deliver and consume content – one small studio is taking a massive step to change the entire experience through the intersection of play and user-generated content creation. Emerging from hibernation is the game studio OCP and its two new products: Project Frontier and CreatorLab. Both leveraging Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, this studio is not simply releasing a game, but ushering in a new era of experience.


Valheim’s survival simulation wrapped around Helldivers 2’s tactical co-op would be one way to describe Project Frontier, but OCP’s vision is less about genre-mashing and more about inviting a previously closed system to be more open. This mod-first approach to multiplayer PvPvE survival gaming isn’t just about creating – it’s about creating an experience where creativity is core to gameplay. Mine new weapons from the depths of outer space or build the Triceratops you need to spice up your replay experience. The sky, or more appropriately the space beyond our own moon, is not only the limit, but the entire playing field. Want to make a new character? Go for it. Craft a new gameplay mechanic? Have at it. A new quest? Sure. All creations are instantly shared with the wider Project Frontier community, ensuring your monster hunting game never gets stale. Ever. As open worlds become the norm for cross-platform gaming, Project Frontier could actually become a new kind of online entertainment: something that can be opening experienced for the first time in a matter of minutes, but is still eagerly explored all the same.


This idea of collaboration is the central principle of Project Frontier, inspiring the player not just to play, not just to hack, but to create and modify. ‘The ease with which you can move back and forth between play-mode and player-creator mode,’ said OCP CEO Mike Atamas, ‘is central to a major shift in gameplay and game creation.’ Everyone can invent something, whether it’s a single item or a whole, epic quest. The aim is that every player can leave something behind in the Frontier’s universe.

Introducing CreatorLab: The Ultimate Tool for Unleashing Creativity with OCP

But every player, or wannabe game developer, will have access to a CreatorLab toolkit that allows them to add a new weapon to project Frontier. Or, thanks to Unreal Engine 5, if you aspire to be a game developer yourself, you will be able to build an entirely new game from scratch. This is game design democratisation on an unprecedented scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re technically inept. You can now be a creator thanks to CreatorLab from Epic Games.

The Path to Game Creation Made Simpler with OCP

A seedling of an idea. OCP’s wager is that, with a tool like CreatorLab, you can gradually take small steps towards the grand finale. Unlike Roblox’s or Fortnite’s massive game creation environments, which might seem daunting, CreatorLab is meant to be very clear about each small step that takes you from contributing to a game owned by someone else to contributing to your very own successfully launched, fully realised game. The core of the solution for AI work is actually the same: how to go from a sparse starting point to a full-fledged meal. It’s probably easier to start with food: you don’t have to build an entire agriculture industry or supply chain, you don’t have to create nuclear fission reactors, silos, or supermarkets. You might begin with foraging. Now translate that to games. What’s the first step you can take without alienating your fellow players? For instance, installing free LAN IP telephony systems across the capital city might be a good reason to overthrow a country’s government But how do we open up this process, make it more inclusive and supportive of original ideas?

A Peep into OCP's PROJECT FRONTIER Playtests

For the gaming public, Frontier remains a tantalising promise. Because with the first playtests came the first closed sessions. These aren’t just for bug squashing and balance adjustments. This is about growing a community of players and creators into something OCP can draw on as it moves forward. Project Frontier might be the biggest game you’ve never heard of, but that’s beginning to change. Because they are working closely with streamers to playtest and promote the game, OCP will be growing a fervent fanbase that grows with the game as it grows, too.

OCP: The Studio Where Magic Happens

At the core of this leap for OCP into the gaming world are seasoned veterans Mike and Nick Atamas. The pair have been at OCP for less than a year, but they offer a wealth of experience from their days at Epic Games, including working on mega-hit Fortnite and Unreal Engine, the industry’s leading game design software. The Atamas brothers came to OCP to reimagine the entire landscape of user-generated content. The founding of OCP, and Project Frontier and CreatorLab, are one way they are doing just that.

The Studio Behind the Innovation

A game studio certainly, but also a studio of visionaries looking to transform how games are made and enjoyed – a studio striving to make game development accessible to anyone. Our international team of creators come from all sorts of backgrounds, with many veterans from AAA games across the popular gaming genres, as well as new blood carrying a passion for reinventing the gaming narrative. Our team is ripe with experience and a burning excitement to birth Project Frontier and CreatorLab into the world.

At the end of the day, Project Frontier and CreatorLab illustrate a bold new leap forward for OCS and gaming of all kinds on the horizon. Instead of providing players with mere games to play, OCS is offering them the tools and platforms to become a part of the creation process. If they are any indication of things to come, OCS is not only making games but also building a content creation community of players. I for one can’t wait to see how CreatorLab and Project Frontier turn out, as well as other such initiatives. With OCS leading the way and projects such as CreatorLab and Project Frontier finally becoming public, it is possible that the bright future I envision for gaming is not far off. If not, it will surely be the players who create the future.

Jun 06, 2024
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