Unlocking the Future of Touch: Introducing TouchDIVER PRO at AWE 2024

In the age of technology where the digital and physical worlds are rapidly merging, the new fancy haptic feedback solutions have entered a new epoch of the interactive era. WEART's TouchDIVER PRO haptic glove, which will be exhibited at the 2024 Augmented World Expo (AWE 2024), is an embodiment of this futuristic era. In this article, the main functions of TouchDIVER PRO. And what is the value that TouchDIVER PRO will bring to the enterprise scene, all in the name of haptic feeling.

Elevating Immersive Experiences with TouchDIVER PRO

TouchDIVER PRO unveils a new class of haptic technology, rewriting standards and setting benchmarks for immersion and precision. With synchronous actuation at six new points (covering all five fingers and the palm), the gestural interface of TouchDIVER PRO packs a higher resolution. The more intricate design allows ordinary users to interact with virtual worlds with a level of realism that was simply impossible with the original TouchDIVER.

And here’s Guido Gioioso, CEO and co-founder of WEART, spelling out the change: TouchDIVER wasn’t just projection technology, but a true interface. It was implemented from the beginning with touch, but specifically with just the thumb, index and middle finger (three-touch interaction). Further on, we discovered that our daily interaction with users led was leading to a demand for a more sophisticated model, hence TouchDIVER PRO was born.

A Multimodal Haptic Revolution: Features of TouchDIVER PRO

TouchDIVER PRO is due to launch at AWE (Augmented World Expo) in 2024 – it isn’t a product, and it isn’t even a prototype. But it is a glimpse into the future. With support for full hand tracking with precise haptics, it enables tracking of hands and manipulation of sophisticated 3D objects. It’s connected to a PC with support for WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and tethered connections.

TouchDIVER PRO: Designed for the Professional Realm

TouchDIVER PRO has a clear enterprise value. The range of uses for the software spans training simulations, immersive marketing, teleoperations, and virtual prototyping among others. WEART’s strategy of open development, listening to customers and working with a broad partner ecosystem, means that the technology is not only cutting-edge but also acutely aware of workplace needs.

Empowering Developers with TouchDIVER PRO

TouchDIVER PRO is a new playground for creators and developers. WEART also provides a rich set of SDKs that will help XR developers easily integrate haptic sensation in XR contents. This is a significant step towards a more believable virtual world with realistic haptic cues and the immersion that comes with it.

A Collaborative Journey Towards TouchDIVER PRO

The path to TouchDIVER PRO also involved partnership, experimentation, and, ultimately, innovation. When asked about the development, Gioioso replied: The development was a really challenging path in terms of engineering. It was based on several years of feedback from the markets and from our partners. Our primary goal was to improve the design of our haptic glove, while retaining the original haptic technology. This is how we came up with TouchDIVER PRO.

The PRO Edge: What Makes TouchDIVER PRO Stand Out

It’s a new way of working that the TouchDIVER PRO experience will make available to professionals across a range of industries, when it debuts at AWE 2024. It’s a powerful indicator of WEART’s dynamism as a fast-growing force in the field of haptic technology, and a signal about haptic technology’s growing role in revolutionising digital experiences.

At its heart is this profound leap: TouchDIVER PRO invites two people within a hundred miles of each other to participate together in more immersive, vivid, and pleasurable virtual engagement. The powerful range of haptic feedback, detailed gesture tracking, and multimodal interaction creates a state of virtual presence and experiences that will transform the way industry uses this technology for many applications.

Explaining "Pro"

The ‘pro’ part of TouchDIVER PRO reveals a deep meaning for professionalism, precision, and progress. It means it has been refined, polished, and positioned to deliver the dynamic, demanding nature of the professional environment. The product that WEART is presenting will allow professionals to defy limitations to get to the next step – fully immersive technology – by enhancing their ability to interact with the world in a meaningful way. The company offers its new haptic glove as a passage to a new world of engagement, training, design, and exploration for professionals.

We can hardly wait to showcase TouchDIVER PRO at AWE 2024, although it’s no exaggeration to say that the future of haptic feedback and immersive experiences are on the cusp of a whole new dimension. In fact, it may not be long before the digital and physical become indistinguishable altogether.

Jun 14, 2024
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