Unveiling iOS 18: A Game-Changer for Personalization and Android-iPhone Messaging Harmony

The Dawn of RCS: APPLE's Gift to Android Conversations

The most prominent feature of the oncoming iOS 18, however, is APPLE’s consideration of the little man: the company’s long-awaited adoption of Rich Communication Services (RCS). ‘And when you send these messages to any of your friends, whether they’re on Android or on iPhone, you get all of this for free,’ APPLE’s Craig Federighi wrote on the subject in September this year, ‘and we think it will enable SMS to be even better when messages go back and forth between you and Android users.’ RCS messages come with read receipts, superior quality media transfer, typing indicators and better security. Messages can be sent over Wi-Fi that a user is connected to.

Transforming Interactions: APPLE Intelligence and Siri

And in a world where AI is reshaping how people interact with things, apps on iOS 18 are set to benefit the most from APPLE’s ‘APPLE Intelligence’ AI programme, which enhances the iPhone’s ability to create and decipher language and imagery. It will be powered by contextual cues that will be pulled from across your apps, like Photos, Calendar, Messages. This will allow for features like auto-prioritising notifications, AI-generated images for wishing your friend a happy birthday, and apps scheduling plans based on context.

AI-powered upgrades in Siri, for example, make it more contextually aware, so it’s better able to infer instruction accuracy from screen content (such as whether to add an address to a contact card, or what sort of picture to take).

Beyond AI: iOS 18's Fresh Non-AI Features

While the keynote speech stressed AI as the main feature of iOS 18, the truth is that a host of other features make the new iPhone experience more customisable and secure. The appearance of the icons will adapt to dark mode, and users can now customise the appearance of any icon they choose, provided it’s from an app that allows it. With the Control Center, you swipe up to open it, but now, with iOS 18, it is possible to create a unique swipe action to open the controls and, even better, developers can include their own app controls.

Embracing Connectivity: Messages via Satellite and Wallet Enhancements

An important feature of iOS 18 is ‘Messages via Satellite’, which makes end-to-end encrypted text messaging available to users of iPhones that have satellite access. The Wallet app also supports ‘Tap to Cash’, which allows the swift transfer of money between devices that are within direct physical reach of each other.

Navigating Memories: Photo Library Upgrades

The Photos app is getting a big overhaul with iOS 18, with easier navigation, smart filtering of useless pics, and better categorisation of people, places and events. iOS 18’s theme of customisation extends to its app redesigns. This seamlessly applies to photo organisation, which lets your browse photos your way.

Deciphering APPLE's Core: More Than Just a Tech Giant

Finally, what makes this post imagining an iOS 18 the perfect ‘apology’ for APPLE – as the Guy armchairs called for – is how it shows APPLE’s ongoing innovation and obsession with user experience in action. The RCS integration does improve the experience for iPhone users reaching out to their Android mates, and it shows a willingness by APPLE to embrace open standards – open standards for the greater good, of course. Add the impressive advances in AI, privacy, and a newfound commitment to user personalisation, and APPLE’s position at the forefront of the tech field is reaffirmed. It’s clearly a company continuously building on what it can accomplish – filling in the blank and leaving it at: what’s next?

But, at its core, APPLE is a company that’s about innovation, and now more than ever, that innovation is doing what users around the world want. iOS 18 will do this through improvements to communication, AI innovations, and features that are tailored to the different needs and settings that people want to be able to use their iPhones. As you can see in the video, there are a lot of changes and new features coming to iOS 18, and there are even more features that weren’t shown in Apple’s presentation. A lot of work has gone into iOS 18, and the changes that it brings will make iPhone users around the world feel like APPLE is listening to their needs and giving them what they want.

Jun 11, 2024
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