The iPad Pro 2024 vs M3 MacBook Air: Discovering What the Future of Portability Will Be Like

We are in a bit of a golden age of portable computing technology, and that has ignited an age-old debate among tech fans: Which machine really is the ultimate envelope of portability: the increasingly powerful, and increasingly professional iPad Pro, or the traditional workhorse – albeit arguably less sexy – MacBook Air? Well, we’ve all had our say about the iPad Pro 2024’s M4 chip and its first taste of the M series of Apple silicon. It’s time to get serious: we have to discuss every single aspect of the iPad Pro 2024 versus M3 MacBook Air face-off. Because pro ain’t a job title.

Price: The Cost of Excellence

Among the pro devices, the price is what matters. The MacBook Air is still an old favorite at $1,099. That sounds expensive compared with the iPad Pro 2024’s $1,299 starting price, but neither should be considered inexpensive. And there’s more: for proper comparability with the Air, you need to add the Magic Keyboard to the base M2 iPad Pro 2024. That takes you up to $1,598, which makes the MacBook Air the better deal for pro users on a strict budget.

Specs: The Heart of the PRO

Peeling back the layer shows where ‘pro’ shines The most noticeable difference between Apple’s efforts towards balance is a literal step – or rather, a leap – forward in computing. With an M4 chip, the new iPad Pro 2024 represents a generational leap over the M3 that powers the MacBook Air. While Apple was careful to make pro hardware attractive for the masses, on the merits, the iPad Pro is still a step, if not leap, into the future. That’s what it means to be a pro device, in the 2023’s meaning of the term.

Design: The Aesthetics of a PRO

From the perspective of aesthetics, the iPad Pro 2024 targets different archetypes. The convertible configuration of the iPad Pro, enabled by Apple’s Magic Keyboard, gives form and function a kind of perfect dialectic fusion that might leave even the most devoted laptop enthusiast dazed. Choose the sleek and sexy Space Black version and the iPad Pro becomes – even more so than the MacBook Air – a sartorial badge of pro status.

Features: PRO at Its Core

With its feature set, the iPad Pro 2024 looks more pro than the MacBook Air, thanks to its touch screen, support for the Apple Pencil Pro (2nd-gen), and the rear 12-megapixel camera, which firmly places it into the pro narrative of being a tool for creativity and precision.

Battery Life: The Stamina of a PRO

Battery life is where many great devices fall, but both hold their own: the MacBook Air promises 15 hours of web browsing, compared with the iPad Pro’s 10, but that’s given the iPad its more demanding display and processor; it’s a testament to how pro-grade optimisation can make for a slick mobile experience.

iPad Pro 2024 vs. M3 MacBook Air: Choosing Your PRO

The ultimate verdict over which one rules the proverbial kitchen will be defined by the user’s exact requirements. While those inclined toward the touchscreen-plus-stylus appeal will find the iPad Pro the uncontestable champion – albeit a pricey one – the MacBook Air will remain, for minimalists and laptop purists, in a league of its own.

About PRO

‘Pro’ is a commitment. These products need to represent a quantum leap in performance, in design, in usability But what does this mean when you get down to brass tacks? For me, the iPad Pro 2024 and the MacBook Air represent contrasting visions for the future of portable computing. They are two easy choices for users to make: use the iPad to stay more or less in the comfort zone of your current influence, dragging notebooks and laptops along while introducing new enhancements and refinements along the way. Or elect to use an entirely new kind of portable device, casting off the past as if on a raft crossing to the other side.

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May 07, 2024
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