Shaping the Future of Smartphones: iPhone 16 PRO's Ultra-Thin Bezel Revolution

The world of tech is holding its breath with anticipation. Speculation is mounting that the iPhone 16 Pro could break new ground in smartphone design once again, featuring what might be the world's thinnest bezels on a smartphone to date, thus making it the thinnest phone in the world ever. The iPhone 16 Pro would seem to be on track to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro, which had already paved the way for a new style of design that combines incredible slimness with incredible functionality. This article will trace the rumoured specs of the iPhone 16 Pro and focus on its potentially revolutionary bezel and what it could mean for pro users.

The Evolution of the iPhone's Design: A Tribute to Minimalism

This quest for minimalism and elegance extends to smartphone design in general – and to Apple phones in particular. The iPhone 16 Pro might follow the bezel-less spirit of the iPhone 15 Pro, which is rumoured to be taking the quest for minimalism and elegance to the next level by following what could well be its smallest but also most crucial innovation – a reduction of the bezel. The leakest whispers come from IceUniverse, a well-known industry insider tipster, who notes that: The iPhone 16 Pro is getting super-thin bezels. It will be the world’s thinnest bezel. The next generation of iPhone is different from its predecessor. We should reconsider our view about the design of the smartphone display.

A Technical Marvel: The PRO's Bezel Reduction Technique

At the heart of this transition lies what is rumoured to be referred to as BRS technology (for ‘Border Reduction Structure’) or ‘antenna structure in display area’, an estimated feat of engineering highly sensitive to manufacturing precision because the board has to be bent at the very edge of the display panel. This is not an easy endeavour as one can guess from the nod to the presumably painful production ramp-ups already whispered in supply-chain rumours.

Enhancing PRO User Experience with Sleek Design and Functionality Upgrades

For the professional user, or ‘pro’, the implications of this design shift go beyond what the creator intended. On the one hand, the reduction of the bezel will improve the look of the iPhone 16 Pro, but even more importantly, it will contribute to a more immersive visual experience, which is critical as much for high-end mobile gaming as it is for professional multimedia work.

Milestones in Display and Performance: A Leap for the PRO

Besides its visuals, internal hardware on the iPhone 16 Pro is also likely to see some major upgrades. Particularly, a jump to a 6.3-inch display from the current 6.1 inches (and, for the Pro Max variant, a jump to 6.9-inch display from 6.7 inches), which, despite an added inch in screen size, should hopefully leave the phones’ hand-feel largely unchanged, as the increase in bezelless displays should render no additional awkwardness in hand-holding.

Furthermore, the new A18 processor and the novel physical haptic ‘Capture Button’, which responds to touch pressure, are likely to enhance the iPhone 16 Pro’s appeal to professional photographers and videographers. The 5x optical zoom on both the Pro and Pro Max will also represent the first time the non-Max model gets this feature.

Anticipating Apple's Official Reveal: What's Next for the PRO

Once again, Apple is expected to announce its latest iPhone 16 lineup this fall, presumably at a much-anticipated media event in September. And once again, fans and pundits anxiously await which rumours will become reality, and what those innovations might mean for the way we use smartphones.

Explaining the "PRO" Phenomenon: More Than Just a Title

When Apple uses the word ‘pro’, as they do for their hardware and, importantly, for the iPhone, the denotation is something more than mere marketing-speak. This is a statement of intent: to take a step further, to deliver hardware that is a worthy and fitting partner for professional users, who demand their devices perform at the very pinnacle, be it for photography, for intensive computing or for mission-critical communication.


Rumours swirl around the impending release of the iPhone 16 Pro. Should it come as rumoured, the smartphone will revolutionise style, usability, and professional utility in smartphones. Leaks and rumours have given the impression that Apple aims not to be the next smartphone, but to define what being a smartphone should be. The iPhone 16 Pro, if it comes as rumoured, will not be the next iPhone – it will be the iPhone after next because Apple is the next smartphone.

Jun 06, 2024
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