A Glimpse into the Future: The iPhone 16 Pro Series Unveiled

Whether it’s product leaks or the pro-tip economy, digital rumours and advertising are what the hopeful, the wonderstruck and the everyday technophile look towards to know what the future holds. Prized above all else, in the litany of modern marvels, is the iPhone series. So, why do we expect the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max to be big deals? While this year’s new models aren’t expected to feature many external changes, one small (but important) tweak in the camera hardware could forever change the way we photograph on mobile devices.

The Evolution of the Pro Camera Experience

A PRO Tip on Design Dynamics

And there’s a rumour (from @UniverseIce, a rumour site with a very good track record) that the iPhone 16 Pro models will have rear camera housings that are 3.9mm high, a significant increase compared with 3.38mm on the iPhone 15 Pro models, of which we have no further information.

Millimeters That Matter in PRO Photography

Much of the design shift here is not about aesthetics. It is about function. The decision to extend the camera module higher seems to anticipate a dramatic growth in the functionality and capability of the iPhone’s camera. The rumour mill is alive with speculation about sensor upgrades, including a significant upgrade to the ultra-wide camera from 12MP to a whopping 48MP. This seems likely to put the iPhone 16 Pro in a league with professional cameras, and able to capture moments in unwavering detail.

Navigating the PRO Dimensions

In the name of excellence, Apple is said to be driving advancements in the other major component of the viewing experience as well, the display. The next version of the iPhone, the 16 Pro Max, is predicted to feature yet another bump up in size, this time to 6.9 inches, a tenth of an inch larger than the 6.7-inch version that preceded it. Thanks to the work of designers in the so-called pro camp who have managed to shave fractions of millimetres off the phone’s bezel, these upticks in the size of the screen will be delivered without any commensurate increase in the physical dimensions of the phone itself, thus guaranteeing that the device remains as agile in our hands as it is transporting in our eyes.

Anticipated PRO Performance Enhancements

Above all else, there’s every question over how it will perform when actually used – questions that Apple began to answer by carrying over pro discussions to processing power when it launc... (truncated for brevity)

Jun 09, 2024
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