Unveiling the Latest Gaming Treasures: Dive into the June 2024 PlayStation Plus Lineup

In June 2024, Sony is looking to wow PlayStation Plus members once more with its curated list of freebies for next-gen and PS4 players. First, let’s categorise June’s games by genre and mood. Starting with the racing genre, we have the gorgeous Dirt 5 (2020) from Codemasters. In terms of combat, we have the tactical depth of Crusader Kings 3 (2020) from Paradox Interactive, while adrenaline junkies will be treated to Monster Hunter Rise (2021). For lovers of horror, there’s a 2023 remake of Alone in the Dark, which is a retro survival horror experience. And for family-friendly adventures, there’s Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (2022) and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2019).

A Trove of Entertainment: PS4 and Beyond

With that in mind, you’ll then notice there’s a lot for PS4 players in there too: games such as Monster Hunter Rise and Football Manager 2024, plus thrown-in PSOne classics that might be new or returning to the family in refreshed form, like Daxter.

Monster Hunter Rise: A PS4 Highlight

Monster Hunter Rise (Capcom) Finally, the premier action RPG series of all time is on a PS4! We gave it a fantastic 8/10 score, so long-time fans and samurai newcomers alike can look forward to bloody carnage on forests plagued by monsters. Get a head start before Monster Hunter Wilds comes out.

A Dive into Historical Strategy: Crusader Kings 3 on PS4

Crusader Kings 3 on PS4 may be the easiest way to break into the sphere of medieval strategy games, which are known for their complex tapestries of history and strategy. This game was awarded a 10/10 on Metacritic, making it clear that Crusader Kings 3 is bringing the strategy game narrative to a new level of depth, realism, and gravity by making it historical.

Embracing Family Fun with LEGO Games on PS4

The PS4 covers all bases here, too, with the addition of LEGO The Hobbit and LEGO The Incredibles. Both let you play out famous tales through toyish bricks, making them some of the best family games out there. And to have both those games available to Plus members shows that there are no age barriers to subscription.

PS VR2 and Classics: Expanding Horizons

And June doesn’t just spoil PlayStation 4 users – it also features titles that are perfect for fans of PlayStation VR2, or those who like to play classics such as LEGO Star Wars 2 and GHOSTHUNTER (which all come with a brand-new coat of paint). Players can enjoy serene yet exciting deep-sea excursions in Kayak VR: Mirage, the perfect game for immersive explorers.

PS Plus: A Gateway to Gaming's Best

Each new title that accompanies PlayStation Plus adds another jewel to an already expansive collection available to subscribers. This continuity and growth of gaming libraries mean subscribers will never run out of gaming experiences, ranging from top-tier blockbusters to overlooked indie gems and timeless masterpieces. Sony makes it clear it wants PlayStation Plus to be a vital part of every gamer’s life.

Beyond Gaming: A Community United

PlayStation Plus not only provides games; it connects players around the world, creating a shared gaming culture through its multiplayer functionality, exclusive discounts, and early access to demos and betas.

Exploring the PS4: A Gaming Legacy

Thanks to both its library of titles and ease of use, the PS4 remains one of the most popular and usable gaming consoles on the market. With so many great titles being added to the library and so many games being updated and improved for the PS4, this is one system that will have gamers believing the hype for quite some time – that a gaming system can give you the best of all worlds, immersing you in a world of play through a high-quality gaming experience.

The Future Beckons

With more games on the horizon and a plan to continue support of the PS4 throughout the next generation of hardware with the PS5, PS Plus subscribers have much to look forward to. The future looks full of worlds to visit, stories to immerse ourselves in, and adventures to join.

PlayStation Plus membership enjoys a diverse library of rich and rewarding games that are available as part of your membership throughout the month. June 2024 shows a great range including flying through dangerous skies in Kayak VR: Mirage, guiding your kingdom to success in Crusader Kings 3 or having fun with family in the crazy LEGO world. Happy gaming!

Jun 13, 2024
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