Unleash the Adventure: PlayStation Plus June's MONSTER Lineup and Beyond

Sony’s PlayStation Plus users are getting the gaming experience of a lifetime this June when the company releases a robust combination of games that is sure to inspire, entertain and challenge. Monster Hunter Rise leads the way among this June’s PlayStation privileges. It showcases the thrilling escapades of a multiplayer gaming party as well as solo play. A monster smorgasbord also awaits every PlayStation subscriber this month as well. So, let’s jump into what’s in store and what you might just miss by not experiencing this digital line-up.

Monster Hunter Rise: The Gem of June

This month’s PlayStation Plus headliner is Monster Hunter Rise, a game that literally injects a shot of adrenaline and pure entertainment into the current landscape of gaming. The game developed by Capcom has a huge fun factor and allows players to perform acrobatic hunting moves against monsters, play in co-op mode and discover the rich and captivating world of the game.

A MONSTER Dose of Diversity

June’s slate is less about the hunt, and more about a love letter to the diversity of games. For medieval RPG fans, there’s Crusader Kings III. For surrealist expeditionary types, After Us is an opportunity. For strategy buffs, the Berthold Gambit in Anna 1800 might be tempting. And for football nuts, Football Manager 2024 rounds off a monster gaming session.

PlayStation’s Legacy and Innovation

It’s a collection that marries the technological excellence of the PS5 with the awesome library of the PS4, with titles such as the Motorcross marvel Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 6, and the accurately named Police Simulator: Patrol Officers demonstrating the crossover appeal, as well as the ability to play the same game across both platforms. Far Cry 4 and the Lego line-up of games lend the collection a classic feel, ensuring that both nostalgia and novelty are present and correct in June’s monster-themed extravaganza.

A Leap into Virtual Reality

Sony is making a bold move by throwing three PlayStation Plus games into the immersive mix. PS VR 2 games are a new wrinkle going into the PlayStation Plus fold, and I’m excited to see Kayak VR: Mirage in there. This is the beginning of a new era of gaming. Connected to Days of Play, the VR games are a perfect complement to help fill out your summer in virtual reality. And maybe it will even distract us from the neverending war with zombies.

PlayStation Plus: A Tiered Treasure Trove

With Sony’s tiered system, every subscriber, no matter their PlayStation Plus level, gets some piece of the monster action. The June games start with the initial batch of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, Streets of Rage 4 and other games available to all subscribers, but Premium members get a smorgasbord of classics and cutting-edge games – AAA hits, blockbusters, VR jewels, PS2 gems and more.

Beyond June: A Glimpse into PlayStation’s Future

Users should be heartened at what June brings to PlayStation Plus, and into the future: old classics, modern classics, tech-forward games, it’s a bright road ahead. Every month, subscribers can be whisked into a new world of gaming with fresh varieties of games that they wouldn’t be disappointed to try.

Exploring the MONSTER Phenomenon

In its purest sense, Monster Hunter Rise is co-operative play and strategy at its absolute best – but it’s also a testament to the strange and wonderful variety of June’s PlayStation Plus slate. In short, we’re never going to run out of reasons to be hunters in a big stone forest, where the real prize is the story we’ll tell later to the ones we got the head back to. This month’s invitations to new worlds, alliances and challenges, real or virtual, are more than fair compensation for the benefit of the PlayStation Plus membership. Fight for survival and fun.

Sony’s promise to make games beautiful and diverse with its handpicked selection of games every month gives June – and all the rest of the year after that – that little bit of shininess for gamers to rejoice in and continue digital storytelling and innovation. Get ready for the digital monster ride this June and beyond.

Jun 13, 2024
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