Decoding the Best Apple Tablet Deal: New M2 iPad Air vs. Old iPad PRO

Technology lovers are perhaps very much aware of how difficult it is to make the right decision regarding what to get: with the years-updating and daily-upgrading tech gadgets, the only critia that you can differ between the budget-friendly newer version and the premium old one is whether they are worth your money or not. In recent years, technology brands have fought each other to produce better products with each update, making the comparison between the new M2 iPad Air to a used iPad Pro even more interesting and debate-worthy among technology enthusiasts. So, what is it exactly, and why is there so much debate over which iPad is better? Let’s get in the game and figure it out!

M2 iPad Air vs. Old iPad PRO: A Design Overview

The M2 iPad Air and a 2018 iPad Pro would be hard to tell apart at a glance. The only obvious differences are a label on the rear, the size of the lock buttons (due to the TouchID on the iPad Air), and the number of holes for the speaker grills. Even there, the colour options – a pastel palette for the iPad Air versus the iPad Pro’s Space Grey or Silver – offer little in the way of a decision. The important differences are in the details of the internals, and with regards to the accessories that they can use.

Internal Specifications: Where the Battle Heats Up

Display Dynamics

In fact, the display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, featuring MiniLED ProMotion technology delivering a 120Hz refresh rate and brilliant brightness and contrast ratios, is an object of desire unto itself. But the M2 iPad Air’s IPS 60Hz panel is good enough to meet the needs of virtually all users. Places side‑by‑side, it’s easy to see how the iPad Air’s display doesn’t hold a candle to that of the Pro.

Connectivity & Data Transfer

The USB-C port on the M2 iPad Air is capable of up to 10Gbps, more than enough for most users; the iPad Pro’s Thunderbolt port is capable of up to 40Gbps. For pro users, that might be enough to push them over the top.

Storage & RAM: A Crucial Consideration

The main difference between the iPad Pro and iPad Air models is that the former comes with more storage and RAM options – up to 16GB of RAM (for the higher configurations), but the Air is capped at 1TB of storage and no extended RAM option, which is one of the few places where Apple has drawn a line in the sand for the power users who need the extra RAM capacity for their use cases.

Other Differentiating Factors

  • Biometric Authentication: iPad Air opts for TouchID, whereas the iPad Pro features FaceID.
  • Camera Orientation and Quality: The iPad Air has the selfie camera in the right place, but the iPad Pro has an overall better camera system, including a LiDar scanner that isn’t on the iPad Air.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Both models are compatible with a wide range of accessories, which is another hallmark of Apple’s design. But because the Apple Pencil Pro works only with the current model, the M2 iPad Air, that might factor into which model creatives order.

M2 iPad Air vs. Old iPad PRO: Accessories in Focus

The same form factor across the M2 iPad Air and all the older iPad Pros means that there will be a wealth of accessories that can be used with all three iPad models. This means a large pool of high-quality accessories, a boon for all users and, just maybe, a deciding factor for some. For example, the Apple Pencil Pro is actually the only iPad model that works with Apple’s official second-generation Pencil. So, if you work as an artist or designer, that may be your deciding factor.

Wrapping Up: Making the Smart Choice

Figuring out which of the two things gives you the ‘better value’ – buying a $599 brand new M2 iPad Air or an $855 used iPad Pro – then, comes down to what you want to do with your iPad and how much you have to spend. If you’re a pro who demands the best display experience and fastest data transfer, the iPad Pro is likely a no-brainer. Then again, if you’d rather save hundreds of dollars and tap into the somewhat better performance of an M2 iPad Air – or you simply want the newer model and don’t have Apple Pencil Pro – the trade-off might be worth it.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal taste, intended use, and whether you think the added functionality of the pro model is worth an extra premium over buying the latest Air. But whichever way you lean, the device that meets your needs will provide a satisfying tablet experience from Apple.

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May 30, 2024
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