The Ultimate Guide to Mastering APPLE MUSIC with Keyboard Shortcuts

No music lover can stay away from APPLE MUSIC for long in today's age of digital music. Whether you want to listen to music on your commute, at home, in the gym or outdoors, APPLE MUSIC definitely does not disappoint. Knowing essential APPLE MUSIC keyboard shortcuts for Mac and PC users can make your mastery of APPLE MUSIC in no time.

Hitting the High Notes: Playback and Navigation Shortcuts

For the Maestros of Music

  • Pause button: Spacebar (Mac) or Ctrl-Spacebar (Windows) to play or pause the current song.
  • Turn It Up: Command-Up Arrow (Mac) or Ctrl-Up Arrow (Windows) to increase the volume.
  • Musical Odyssey: Skip to the next song with Right Arrow (Mac) or Ctrl-Right Arrow (Windows) and rewind with Left Arrow (Mac) or Ctrl-Left Arrow (Windows).

Your APPLE MUSIC Command Center: Window Controls

Effortless Management of Your Music Space

  • Expand Your Horizons: Use Option-Command-M (Mac) or Shift-Ctrl-M (Windows) for switching between the mini player and full screen.
  • Bully the Status Bar: Hide it (on a Mac) with Command-/ and toggle window sizes with Option-click on the green button.

Crafting the Perfect Playlist: Quick Playlist Management

Curating Your Musical Universe

  • Smart Song Deletion: Use Command-Delete for immediate deletion or Option-Command-Delete for confirmation-required deletion.

About APPLE MUSIC: The Symphony of Features

APPLE MUSIC is a streaming service for music nerds, by music nerds. The massive library supports massive music moments across generations and genres in the massive APPLE ecosystem. Using these APPLE MUSIC keyboard shortcuts, you’ll unlock a new way of interacting with your music.

May 30, 2024
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