Unleashing the Secret: Mastering Strikethrough in GOOGLE DOCS

When writing or working on documents in the digital age, there’s usually an app for just about anything. If you know the hidden features of Google Docs and how to leverage them, your productivity can soar. For example, the strikethrough feature (highlighting text, but drawing a line through it) is much more useful than you might first think. Strikethrough doesn’t enjoy the attention that bold or italics get, but if you know how to use it, you’ll be able to edit your documents more effectively. With this handy guide to using strikethrough in Google Docs, you’ll be on your way to having your documents look more professional and polished than ever before. You’ll be able to clearly mark changes to text or highlight special cases.

Why Strikethrough Matters in GOOGLE DOCS

But before we examine the ‘how’ of it, we need to explore the ‘why’. The strikethrough feature in Google Docs isn’t merely for erasing text and showing what had been deleted. To writers and editors, it is an editing tool that lets you communicate revisions, suggestions or tasks to be completed, all while remaining within the confines of a document. For example, when working in collaboration, it can help you maintain a commentary trail by inserting strikethroughs to show your feedback to your co-authors, and present a clear record of the revisions without actually erasing the text. This function offers immense value – it helps you edit and track revisions to a document in a clear and precise manner.

Navigating to Strikethrough via Google Docs Menus

To add strikethrough to text in Google Docs, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to strikethrough.
  2. Click on "Format" in the top menu, nestled between "Insert" and "Tools."
  3. In the Format drop-down, glide your cursor over "Text."
  4. Select "Strikethrough" from the subsequent right-hand side menu.

Swift Strikethrough with Keyboard Shortcuts

As for those who prefer keyboard shortcuts for fast editing, Google Docs supports this for striking through too – it’s a bit more involved than simple formatting shortcuts, but still manageable. Here’s the combo:

  • For Mac users, highlight your chosen text and press Command + Shift + X.

In fact, the stroke’s real power is its economy; precisely one stroke can cross out an arbitrary amount of text without interrupting your flow of cutting, copying and pasting.

Effective Use of Strikethrough During the Editing Process

Strikethrough annotation can also be used benefit the revision phase of document processing, to the advantage of collaborators: providing a visual indication of proposed deletions that will be easier for subsequent readers to evaluate and make decisions about. A final, but perhaps obvious, suggestion is the humble and unassuming strikethrough as a device for routinising our working lives – for example, to tick off tasks or items that have been completed, as in the document below. This keeps a document ‘tight’ by preventing it from expanding through an accumulation of undone tasks and loose ends.

Advanced Tips for Strikethrough in GOOGLE DOCS

But beyond those first-steps, a few last tips can help put the strikethrough to even more productive use.

– merging strikethrough with comments: This is great for editors and collaborators – you can put context for the strikethrough without cluttering the document.

Strikethrough: as a means of version control, you can strike out text that you no longer want to keep. This creates a visible trail of changes, as it were, which can be helpful for document evolution.

Troubleshooting Common Strikethrough Challenges

Despite its straightforwardness, Google Docs strikethrough can be problematic for users for a couple of reasons. The strikethrough command in the menu might be hard to find, the keyboard shortcut gets forgotten, or the feature might not be remembered for use in the right situations. With time and plenty of practice, our current list of strikethrough obstacles can easily be reduced to zero.

Exploring the World of GOOGLE

Even though this guide focuses on Google Docs strikethrough, it’s only a small part of the functionality that Google offers. Well-known for its powerful and extensive suite of applications and services, Google is always working to improve its user experience with the latest tools and features, as well as upgrades. If you want to create a document, analyse data, communicate with others or even build an online shop, Google’s apps and services are there to help you do it.

Overall, being able to use the strikethrough function in Google Docs can greatly benefit anyone who needs to create or edit documents. If you follow this guide, you will learn how to use this function properly and, by extension, further improve your use of Google Docs. The more you learn how to use the plethora of functions on Google’s collection of workspaces, the better you will be able to use it to manage your work life efficiently and effectively. These myriad of seemingly small functions are crafted to be so because what they do is to help develop your ability to work efficiently on your documents and interact with your digital life. Learn how to use Google Docs and improve your work life today.

Jun 06, 2024
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