The Ultimate Guide to Solving the NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle

Most days, puzzle fans the world over will try their hands at The New York Times Mini Crossword Puzzle. It’s a quick but brain-tickling challenge, a small but satisfying daily jolt of test-your-metal intellectual stimulation for those who can’t — or don’t want to – commit to the full-sized experience. Today, we’ll explore the mysterious essence of The Mini, reveal the solutions to the puzzle, and offer up strategies guaranteed to improve your puzzle performance on future attempts.

Unveiling Today's Mini Crossword Solutions

Climb the Crossword Ladder: Today's Clues Unraveled


  • ‘You said it!’ The actual answer is: AMENThis is one of the universal devices for indicating agreement, so it’s an ideal warm-up for the grey matter.
  • A candid admission from Nathan Lane – the clue points to NATHAN LANE, and shows that light is the key to the light-hearted view he takes on his movie career.
  • Wards (off) – FENDS. This response suggests an action of parrying or keeping something at bay, providing an extra level of protection to our linguistic toolkit.
  • Verb of Existence – EXIST. A small word, but poignant, to remind us of the simple act of existing.
  • Ewe’s Comment: BAA. A fun entry – the obbligato of a sheep, and our first – although backward – reference to the barnyard.


  • Alexa crawls out of the Amazonian box. Amazon’s voice assistant gives a guest appearance.
  • –Beatle or Wrestle Suffix: MANIA.Enthusiasm, obsession, an addiction – this term is ubiquitous throughout culture.
  • Budget Balance Act: ENDS. ‘Make ends meet’ references the perennial challenge of budget-balancing.
  • A Bird’s Nest: HOME. HOME is cosy and nest-like, and its warmth can be hinted at by our down clues.
  • Black History Month: A FEB Ultra-short nod to February and its role as ‘Black History Month’, recognising the culture, contributions, beauty, and humanity of Black people.

Essential Tips for Mastering Mini Crosswords

Building Blocks to Crossword Victory

Starting Strong:

  • Triumph of the Gimmes: Begin with the clues that you know right away, then you can get a toehold, pushing with confidence, get a skeleton of letters filling up the grid.

Expanding Your Horizons:

  • Pun it up: Plenty of puzzles hinge on double meanings or cultural references. If you’re stuck, try to unsee the one clue and see the other instead.
  • Use Amazon’s Alexa for Quick Facts: When playing digitally, if you need a quick fact connected to something happening on your board, this way you can keep the game lively and momentum-filled while still avoiding the dreaded ‘Answer Bot’.

Sealing the Deal:

  • Crosses to help: Leverage your across answers to work downwards, and vice versa. This cross-pollination is key to filling in the hard bits.

Next-Level Crossword Apps and Gadgets

Keen to fuse the old with the new? Take a look at what you can now achieve with electronic devices from Amazon and the like: timers for speed-solving or answering little questions with your voice so that you don’t have to spoil your suspense by googling.

Puzzles Beyond The Mini

Exploring Amazon's Puzzle Universe

And the digital puzzles that further proliferate those sections will be waiting for you at Amazon, too, where you can buy the answer to today’s Mini – or do another set of crosswords – or ask Alexa to do it for you. Amazon wants you to love puzzling again.

The Puzzle Community Awaits

Seek out Facebook or Veracross discussion groups, which allow you to swap solving tips, ask for the next step without the answer given, and share personal best times. As Sol old-timers once said to the neophyte: ‘Boy, these crosswords sure do go a lot faster in the company of others.’

Beyond The Mini: What's Next?

Driving around in today’s Mini, it seems apparent that any true zones of enchantment are less about scoring points on a quiz and more about connecting to a larger community of puzzlers, seekers and, yes, solvers. Alexa can provide a running companion — a lifeline or just the right soundtrack on your puzzle expedition.

Discover More with Amazon

Amazon isn’t just a marketplace. It’s a gathering place for puzzle aficionados and a jumping-off point to thousands of resources that can improve your solve experience. From ‘smart’ puzzling devices to brushes with genius, from thousands of puzzles to the world’s best puzzle books, Amazon is here for the crossword-curious – no matter where you might be in your puzzling life.

To put it another way, whether you’re honing your Mini-ing or using any of the longer-form puzzle resources mentioned offline, bear in mind that the ultimate point of solving is less the actual solutions, and more the process of finding them. Good puzzling!

Jun 06, 2024
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