Unleashing Fun with Amazon's BOGO Board Game Fiesta!

Amazon is in a board game-deal groove! They are so committed to spicing up your family’s game-night ritual with some new and enticing choices, that they’ve just blown the roof off of a slate of wanted board games with a ‘Buy One Get One 50% off Promo’ link of colourful, imaginative, super-engaging title faves sold at Amazon. Specifically mentioned titles that fall into this special deal and have garnered cultish followings include Wingspan, Azul, Ticket to Ride, Dice Forge, and many others. So let’s take a moment and unpack some of these featured ‘must have’ titles, and understand why scooping them up on Amazon’s promo might just be the best thing to happen to your board game collection since the time that Monopoly got an overhaul.

Wingspan: A Flight into Strategic Paradise

Wingspan, the wonderful engine-building game about birds by Stonemeier Games, is a complex and beautiful life simulator captured in gameplay. This avian treat has been a must-own since its 2019 release and it still hasn’t lost its lustre, making now a great time to pick it up as it’s on sale on Amazon. It’s amazing how simple yet deep the gameplay of this title is: draw a card, play a bird, gather food and lay an egg, but all of these pieces are layered on top of each other to form rich and intricate gameplay, ultimately making it as fun to play as it is the 100th, 200th and so on.

Azul: Coloring Your Gaming Experience

For beginners, Azul is a beautiful way to ease into the hobby. It’s got very simple rules, and it is objectively beautiful. Azul is strategically deep, and once you learn to play, it will ignite your desire to keep playing it the more you get to know its innermost workings. That’s why Azul is a wonderful gateway game for newcomers to your group and an absolute must-have title for veteran board gamers. On Amazon, the light is on – the door is open and we all welcome Azul to our game closet.

Ticket to Ride: All Aboard for Adventure

In many ways, **Ticket to Ride** embodies the mass-market appeal of designer games in general. Players collect cards and attempt to build the most efficient routes connecting cities across the map; in the base version of the game, the map is of the United States, but variants from around the world are available. This fundamentally accessible game made the jump to mainstream success on a steady trajectory, from its first appearance in hobby game stores a decade ago to its present ubiquity among casual gamers at the bar. For anyone looking for a solid two-player game, or a fun multiplayer experience, a copy of the game itself and a suitable expansion or two are a must-have at the current Amazon sale price.

Dice Forge: A Quest for Divine Favor

**Dice Forge** at amazon.com is a beautifully designed game that combines adventure with strategy as you compete with fellow players in the gods’ favour. Each player gets premium action dice, which they can change to enhance their strategy and help them skilfully manoeuver their way to glory in the heavenly realms. This game never gets old thanks to the changing nature of who you play with and how the gods intervene.

BOGO 50% Off Select Board Games on Amazon

In our opinion, Amazon’s BOGO 50 per cent off sale is an excellent opportunity for any board game enthusiast or newbie to increase the diversity of their collection whilst not spending too many pounds/dollars. The range includes games suitable for family with children, as well as the latest in competitive strategy. The Amazon promo is aimed at players who want to try new game titles or revisit old ones.

Why This Amazon Sale is a Game-Changer

  1. Great deal: BOGOs are popular because they offer more for less, and with board games being a significant purchase, this Amazon sale is a killer deal.
  2. Buying Into a Community: If you’re new to gaming, the prospect of getting in with a large group of people – with potential for play dates and friendly competition – is a wonderful opening to a whole new universe of experience.
  3. Gift ‘Opportunities’: The holiday season is coming up. Everyone could use a gift that gives, right? So LOL! Get a ton of these games and gift your friends with them. With Amazon, you can buy in bulk and receive your gifts of laughter and social-connectedness all at once.
  4. Try Something New: This deal rewards risk-takers, helping fans to venture outside their comfort zones and try something they might have been less inclined to buy at retail price. The next game you fall in love with could be yours for the bargain price.

About Amazon

Amazon is not only a global behemoth of e-commerce, but has actually played a lead role in exporting the hobbyistic aspect of board games to a larger mass of people, and continues to be a hobbyistic hub for wide selection, excellent service, pricing, and ‘Buy One Get One 50% Off’. If you don’t want to Buy One, Get One 50 per cent off, you’re making a terrible mistake. Because you’re alienating yourself from part of a community of people who don’t really care what other people are doing. They’re just having fun, playing a game, or thinking hard, or winning.

Our gauntlets thrown, our thousand pick-ups, our Wingspan, Azul, Ticket to Ride, Dice Forge dives, they all point towards one key; the Amazon promo is not just an opportunity to increase the size of our collection, it is an opportunity to increase the size of our experience, to increase the bar with which we challenge ourselves, to increase the number of places we might go in our beloved gaming world. What more can you possibly ask for from Amazon than to invite you on such journeys, to give you a foothold to go further than you have ever gone before? Go forth my friends; Go Forth.

Jun 14, 2024
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