Unleashing Innovation: MediaTek Pioneers the Future at COMPUTEX 2024

As the world of technology runs at a breakneck pace, StarChip Chromebooks, Smart TVs and MediaTek’s latest Displays will all be showcased at COMPUTEX 2024. MediaTek, today a global fabless semiconductor company, started its journey with the development of programmable video encryption, video transcoding and video delivery platforms for the MPEG-2 video compression standard at the 2000 COMPUTEX. Over the next two decades, MediaTek rapidly expanded into the mobile handset market in Taiwan, and began captivating technologists and consumers with its semiconductor solutions. MediaTek first took the chip fabrication plant outsourcing (fabless) approach for cost-effectiveness to its customers. It then further enhanced the compatibility of its audio and video products with its mobile chipsets, and even actively participated in the development and establishment of video standards. MediaTek is a prime example for understanding technologically forward-looking companies can change with the time, and the importance of pushing technological boundaries.

MediaTek's Grand Reveal: A Leap into Premium Chromebooks and Smart TVs

LENOVO Joins Forces with MediaTek for Chromebook Evolution

This year in 2022, the Kompanio 838 SoC from MediaTek (designed for premium Chromebooks) is one of the highlights at COMPUTEX. Lenovo, the leader in Android innovation and performance, will be one of the first brands to incorporate this new chipset into upcoming Chromebooks. The Kompanio 838 SoC, an Octa-core, Power-Efficient CPU, delivers unmatched performance and multitasking capabilities for better all-day battery life on thin and light Chromebooks. This partnership between Lenovo and MediaTek is breaking the norms of Chromebook Experience, delivering Power, Affordability, Accessibility with the mission of providing the best Chrome OS experience to everyone in the world.

Advanced memory configurations are supported by the chipset, which also doubles the memory bandwidth compared with the previous flagship generations. Thanks to the dedicated MediaTek NPU 650, AI functionalities can be further enhanced to elevate multimedia interactions to another level. With a dual 4k display support and MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technology onboard, the Kompanio 838 promises the highest streaming experience and the best connectivity for users.

LENOVO's Ambition: Empowering Education with Chromebooks

Lenovo works with MediaTek for its upcoming Lenovo Chromebooks powered by the Kompanio series that Lei says ‘have shown a strong promise of helping bring energy-efficient, multitasking devices to the education sector to support the rising level of technology applied in education’.

MediaTek Pentonic 800: Redefining Smart TV Experience

For those interested in TV entertainment or gaming, the Pentonic 800 SoC from MediaTek is a milestone for 4K smart TVs and displays. The chipset is dedicated to all kinds of 4K displays, offering the best video, audio and cloud gameplay experiences. AI processing of the Pentonic 800 is 50 per cent faster than before, enhancing picture quality and gaming performance. It also supports a large number of 4K video codecs with smooth and high-quality audio and video technology, MediaTek delivers reliable and high-speed connectivity with Filogic Wi-Fi solutions.

MediaTek: Leading Innovation Across the Spectrum

LENOVO and MediaTek: A Strategic Alliance

With Lenovo, MediaTek created a collaboration that would unlock innovation and enhance performance across product categories. This collaboration shared a vision of bringing the latest advanced and affordable technologies to users. As MediaTek chipsets are progressively integrated into Lenovo Chromebooks and possibly other devices, this collaboration will usher in a new era of technology that boosts productivity, learning and leisure for global users.

The Future is Bright with MediaTek’s Ubiquitous AI

Bringing chipsets and peripherals to every single device that surrounds us, MediaTek is realising its vision of ‘ubiquitous AI’ for consumers at COMPUTEX 2024. Whether it’s Chromebooks and smartphones, smart-TVs and IoT, MediaTek is powering intelligent technology innovation to empower consumers. The company’s plan to one day power its devices with Kompanio 838 and Pentonic 800 chipsets, efficient and high-performing processors, is paving the way for a technological future that enhances every aspect of our existence.

In Conclusion: The Unstoppable Rise of MediaTek

MediaTek’s presence at COMPUTEX 2024 demonstrates the company’s strong tech leadership. It ensures that it remains ahead of the pack through strategic partnerships, unearthing breakthroughs in both AI and chipsets, and a relentless focus on the consumer. And the world will also be experiencing MediaTek’s remarkable technological advancements in the near future. Through their partnership with Lenovo! Soon, the new MediaTek-powered Lenovo Chromebooks will be powering our laptops, while MediaTek-powered Smart TVs will be bringing us immersive 4K experiences. MediaTek not only influences the present-day tech world, but it is also defining the future. Lenovo is one of the many technology leaders in the world that has made choices that will help to shape the future of global technology.


Lenovo is a global technology powerhouse that refuses to stand still. With a relentless focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, the company develops, manufactures and markets innovative technology (including PCs and smart devices) and services.Lenovo laptops, tablets, and smartphones are renowned for their quality and performance. With its latest range of outstanding MediaTek-powered Chromebooks built for today’s users, educators, or professionals, Lenovo continues its commitment to providing best-in-class user experiences through the power of technology and design.

Jun 02, 2024
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