Take a look at how MICROSOFT and MEDIATEK are leading the adoption of a new type of computing: What will the next generation of PCs look like?

In the constantly moving chessboard of tech progression, the fight for the PC market share is as ferocious as it’s captivating. While MICROSOFT has been one of the key players in this battle for the top spot, and the evolution of hardware, its recent endeavours are about to take tech to yet another level – by 2025. MICROSOFT will release a capable ARM-based PC using MEDIATEK CPU and GPU. This could be the gamechanger both for the PC and the ARM market.

The Dawn of a New Chipset Era

While MEDIATEK might not be as instantly recognisable as Intel, Nvidia, AMD, or Qualcomm, it is gearing up to make headlines with a bold scheme: by late 2025, the chipmaker will launch an AI chipset for Windows PCs. The news comes on the back of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite, which insiders have been calling ‘the MacBook Air killer 2.0’.

MICROSOFT's Vision for a Future-Proofed PC

At the core of this innovation is MICROSOFT’s Copilot Plus PC programme, which has already benefitted from Qualcomm technology, and the next MEDIATEK chipset will effectively interface directly with that programme. MICROSOFT now appears to want to expand its own ecosystem outside its exclusivity deal with Qualcomm in order to try to open the possibilities of Windows on more types of hardware. MEDIATEK’s technology is now going to help to create a whole new audience of Windows PCs based on fresh perspectives and capabilities.

Why MEDIATEK, and Why Now?

Sure, someone scanning the partnership between MICROSOFT and MEDIATEK might take pause. After all, MEDIATEK is a newcomer in the PC chipset space, and even if you own a smartphone, you probably haven’t heard the name. But when you look more deeply into who MEDIATEK is and what they have been producing for over 20 years, it’s no wonder that MICROSOFT has seen them as a great candidate to help accelerate the next generation of Windows PCs. MICROSOFT has been careful to cultivate and shape a diverse portfolio of hardware partners to meet a variety of different needs. And MICROSOFT’s partners have in turn introduced world-leading technology that helps the PC be more productive, efficient, and inventive.

The Potential Impact on the PC Market

MEDIATEK’s entry into the Windows PC market is going to cause trouble for others It drives innovation. And a MEDIATEK AI chipset could mean Windows PCs that are smarter, more energy-efficient and more capable than ever before. A new era of chipset competition could propel the PC into an era of greater and greater capability.

Navigating Challenges and Setting New Standards

The road for them will not be easy. A new SoC for the global PC market, with incumbents, will need to have the appropriate development cycles, the right support infrastructure, and a clear value proposition to end-customers and system manufacturers. However, if they get it right, this partnership may well set new standards for PC performance, user experience, and integration of AI functions, spelling further good things for MICROSOFT as a leader in the technology game.

Looking Ahead: What This Means for Users and Developers

For people, the MICROSOFT-MEDIATEK partnership could mean a future where PCs aren’t just used for getting work done or entertainment or gaming, but become smart sidekicks that can proactively help fulfill their wishes, working alongside AI and other assistive technology. For developers, it could mean opportunities to build apps and services that would make use of the extra capacity of these new PCs. A combination of software and hardware expertise from MICROSOFT and MEDIATEK could create new experiences that were previously too futuristic.

Final Thoughts: MICROSOFT's Continuous Evolution

MICROSOFT’s recent pivot from software-to-hardware giant reminds us that technology vision – and reality – are unbounded by past commitments. In partnering with MEDIATEK, MICROSOFT is creating the hardware ecosystem enabling the next revolution in computing. In the coming years, we’ll know them by their AI. Budde will be a ‘Digital Life 2021’ speaker. MICROSOFT provided funding for the author’s travel expenses to the event. World Economic Forum acknowledges that our partners may contribute to articles on this site, but they do not direct or dictate the content. The opinions expressed by our partners are entirely their own. This article was originally published on the World Economic Forum.


Starting with its foundation in 1975 as a small local software vendor, MICROSOFT has become a worldwide leader with the goal of providing technology for every person and every organisation on the planet. From its early days selling software, MICROSOFT now develops a vast array of hardware solutions, cloud services and AI technologies aimed at the same goal as it had 47 years ago: empowering everyone. The new collaboration with MEDIATEK will further enhance this legacy, making powerful technology readily available for everyone.

Jun 13, 2024
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