Unveiling the Future of Gaming: Will MICROSOFT Introduce a Game-Changing Handheld Console?

The gaming scene is filled with forward momentum. In recent months, the gaming fandom has been abuzz with the idea of a new handheld console by Microsoft. Despite not being revealed at the latest showcase of Xbox Games, a white Xbox Series X was an obvious no-show when the gaming community was expecting a white handheld. Despite these expectations not having come to fruition yet, rumours haven’t stopped percolating. So, what could be next for Microsoft – and gaming in general?

The Heartbeat of Rumors: A New Portable Experience by MICROSOFT

That Microsoft is even considering bringing a handheld to market after years and years of stationary consoles and PC-centric setups feels thrilling and odd and full of questions. So when, during an interview at IGN Live 2024, Microsoft’s Gaming CEO Phil Spencer started dropping the occasional hint about Microsoft’s thinking on handheld gaming, my inbox filled with mostly variations of ‘local play is still a pillar of our vision’.

MICROSOFT's Vision: A Blend of Portability and Power

If the wisdom of Spencer is correct, however, Microsoft is on a trajectory to break some new ground compared with current-generation Nintendo and Sony rivals. While Nintendo’s Switch OLED and Sony’s PlayStation Portal are tethered to their respective consoles, Microsoft’s hypothetical handheld device seems to be driven by a desire to be untethered – to be portable and able to play games locally, without an internet connection. This shift might be the future of portable gaming, and it could even be the future for where and how games are played.

A Marriage of Convenience and Capability

As long as it has the no-brainer top 20 titles for the Xbox Series X it will be accessible on the go, and that alone makes it very appealing as a future gaming device. With Microsoft behind the device and the potential it could have if connected with Xbox Game Pass, the right device could have your go-to library of games wherever you are. No internet needed.

Awaiting Confirmation: The Countdown Begins

Though it’s still possible that our craving will be satisfied as Phil Spencer’s words hold some weight as confirmation of the project, an official confirmation from Microsoft is still needed. The gaming world awaits in anticipation of news of what could be the next phase of handheld gaming.

Looking Beyond: What This Means for The Gaming Landscape

What would such a device mean for our existing notions of mobility in games? How might it inspire fresh types of game design, prioritise user experience in new contexts, and change the competitive balance between market leaders such as Sony and Nintendo?

Imagination Meets Reality: The Potential Impact on Gamers and Developers

The basis of all gaming is innovation, and with the pursuit of engaging experiences – so if Microsoft’s plans for a handheld device do come to fruition, it could signal a new dawn where developers become inspired to create games specifically for mobile gamers, blurring the lines between console gaming and the mobile version even further.


There’s little doubt that Microsoft is the biggest beast in the technology jungle. It’s got a long history, and its success in many markets seems as inevitable as the sea. Even though it made its own distinct entrance with segments as varied as phones and office software, it’s still at its most adventurous when it comes to gaming. This is most apparent with the Xbox brand, through which Microsoft’s disruptive magic has redefined expectations, brought forth incredible new services such as Xbox Game Pass and has continued pushing the limits of what we believe is possible when it comes to digital entertainment. If rumours prove true and it manages to free gamers from our living-room consoles and handheld hardware, our journey with Microsoft gaming might yet become another landmark moment. Hopefully, it’s just the beginning of new ways to bring people together, wherever they are.

All in all, despite a certain lack of official and concrete information regarding Microsoft’s soon-to-be-revealed handheld, it is without doubt that there is a very distinct vibe of evolution instead of revolution in the gaming industry. And as we anticipate what Microsoft has to say next, we know one thing is for sure: the future is looking very bright for gaming, and we can’t wait to join the revolution.

Jun 12, 2024
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