Unveiling PIXAR's Blueprint: Staying True to Originality Amidst Hollywood’s Remake Renaissance

In an industry flooded with remakes and reboots, PIXAR has refused to go with the flow. It continues to embrace originality and tell stories in new ways. PIXAR’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete Docter, recently told The New York Times that there ‘won’t be a live-action remake of any PIXAR movies for the foreseeable future.’ While the recent spate of live-action remakes has been highly profitable, and brings with it a depth of nostalgia, PIXAR is doing things in its own way, and doing them well. Its films will endure.

PIXAR's Strategy: Originality Over Remakes

And in the hands of Pete Docter, PIXAR’s creative head, it seems its creative ethos is still firmly pitched toward innovation and the creation of something new rather than something old. In a fascinating conversation with Time earlier this year, Docter discussed the trend for reworking the old chestnuts of animated classic movies into live action onscreen versions. But PIXAR is less interested in the solace found in reworking the old – it believes it can do magic when it comes to making something that people haven’t seen before.

The Sequel Strategy: Balancing the Old with the New

Sequels, at least, are on the table: while outright remakes are out, PIXAR is filling its sequel pipeline with visits to some of its most cherished worlds. ‘I think you can see maybe a shift in strategy, where we’re trying to figure out more about how to build things on the characters that we already built, or around the worlds that we already built the characters in,’ Docter told me.

Sequels Galore: What's Next for PIXAR?

Evidence that PIXAR is still in the sequel game, with lots of other properties it can – and does – continue to build on, comes from the undeniable pull of nostalgia. Its slate for the next couple of years shows the studio is sticking to this strategy, with confirmed installments for popular franchises like Inside Out 2 and Toy Story 5.

PIXAR's Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

While the world of motion pictures has changed and live-action movies are all the rage these days, PIXAR makes its movies the way they always have: with innovation and with the intention of creating the best possible story.

The PIXAR Advantage: A Closer Look at the Studio's DNA

If you’ve ever teared up at the sight of Wall-E, or if Toy Story (1995) put a grin on your face, then you agree that PIXAR is not just a studio; it’s a source of inspiration. PIXAR was one of the pioneers of computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation. In a film industry where so many films are either remakes or adaptations, PIXAR stands alone.

Exploring the Heart of PIXAR

The ethos of PIXAR is rooted in an intensity of belief in the power of story, in filmmaking that prioritises original narratives. By refusing to remake older work, and instead by continuing to make new stories and expansion into its existing universes through sequels, PIXAR is a storyteller committed to substance, creativity and emotion.

Jun 12, 2024
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