Transform Your Digital HOME: Affordability Meets High-Speed Connectivity

A reliable, strong home internet setup is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Everything in our fast-paced digital lives relies on a rock-solid, high-speed internet connection, from streaming, to gaming, to the growing number of smart home devices that need to connect to our network. Now, Netgear is releasing more affordable versions of two its flagship router systems – Orbi and Nighthawk – in an effort to create affordable, reliable internet in almost all the world’s homes. This is how they’re planning to do it.

The Orbi 770: Affordable Tri-band Excellence

The Highlights of Orbi 770

And for those homeowners (is there any other kind these days?), Netgear’s Orbi 770 might be the solution to their prayers. Due out this spring at the seemingly more affordable (the $1,700 eye-watering tag of the Orbi 970 from 2020 seems almost quaint) price of $700, the Orbi 770 is still not a cheap piece of equipment. But it’s smaller and lighter, and it is a tri-band mesh router system supporting Wi-Fi 7 with capacity for up to 100 devices (enough for anyone’s tech-addled home, right?).

Performance Meets Style

While the speeds might have dropped slightly from the Orbi 970’s 27Gbps to 11Gbps, it’s still plenty fast enough – more than 10 times the bandwidth you’d need for high-def streaming, or surfing the web. The three-pack of the Orbi 970 can cover up to 8,000 square feet of your home with high-speed goodness.

And not only for appearance’s sake: the four internal antennas offer 360-degree coverage and ensure a polished cylindrical case so that your Wi-Fi signal can reach from the porch of your home to the deepest depth of your back garden.

Expanding Your Digital Realm

Those who require more coverage or live in a larger-than-average abode can purchase up to two extra satellites (only $400 a pop) and further expand the Wi-Fi mesh to suit any configuration of interior space.

Introducing the Nighthawk RS300: The Standalone Powerhouse

For those needing blankets of coverage, there’s the Orbi system, but for those who want a powerhouse standalone router, there’s the Nighthawk RS300. Offering tri-band, Wi-Fi 7 performance, it can achieve speeds of up to 9.3Gbps and cover up to 2,500 sq ft – that’s what you need in a medium to large home.

Designed for Ultimate Connectivity

But it wouldn’t be an RS300 router if it wasn’t all about speed, either – with two 2.5Gbps ports, as well as four extra 1Gbps LAN ports for connecting to your gaming consoles, NAS drives and more, your devices will be covered. And its omni-directional internal antenna means that you can forget those pesky dead zones all around your home.

Making the Switch: Why Upgrade?

A Leap in Home Networking

Either way, to upgrade to one of these systems today – the Orbi 770 or the somewhat-less-expensive (at $600) Nighthawk RS300 – is to effectively reinvent what home networking can mean to you. The RS300’s built-in six-stream 802.11ac, 1GHz dual-core CPU, and readying for eight wireless devices represents not only a significant upgrade in speed and breadth and presence of a router, but also a shift in mindset. It’s not an ‘if’ anymore, it’s a ‘when’; soon, you will have more devices connected to your WiFi than you have fingers on your hand, and if you don’t think you will, then fine: you are among the lucky few who have never experienced streaming 4K content, who never game online nor plan to bother, who feel no desire to turn their home into a network of so-called ‘smart’ devices. For the rest of us, however, routers like this promise a future in which the internet remains ever-present and uninterrupted as we tick off box after box of the things that would complicate wireless networking if it were still 2010.

The Benefit of Enhanced Security

Another consideration is security. As our homes get smarter, they become more vulnerable to cyber attack. Netgear’s latest kit offers sophisticated security to guard your network and the multitude of gadgets on it.

Embrace the Future of Home Networking

The Orbi 770 is Netgear’s affordable premium mesh product. Equipped with three radio bands, it has delivered exceptional performance In this new world of cost-effective, high-performance home networks, high-end is no longer limited to an elite few. The Orbi 770 is Netgear’s affordable premium product, and the Nighthawk RS300 is the more mainstream mesh system. These products are now accessible to more than just wealthier households.

About HOME

At the heart of the matter, home is where life happens – that personal space that we call home, one that supports a connected life – and with the home networking revolution that Netgear is offering with its latest solutions, a home is now ready to support the growing demands on connectivity and speed. Upgrade your home’s internet experience and prepare your home for the future by ensuring your digital life is well supported by a robust home network. A home that is made for work, play and keeping in touch with the world. This digital home is made possible with Netgear.

Jun 12, 2024
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