Unleashing Lightning-Fast Internet: Netgear’s Latest Innovation at HOME

With the internet having become an essential necessity of daily life, as vital as fresh air to the human body, it’s vital that home networks are capable of handling all of your connectivity needs, and at high speeds. This is why Netgear, a leader in network connectivity solutions, has developed the first WiFi 7 Orbi mesh and Nighthawk gaming router – an evolution designed to deliver breakneck speed in your home with the next generation of connectivity.

Transform Your HOME with WiFi 7 Orbi Mesh

The WiFi 7 Orbi Mesh system from Netgear is the centrepiece of their newest range of products. This tri-band router and satellite package is designed for homes with a large number of high-bandwidth devices. It breaks all existing records with speeds of up to 18.4 gigabits per second (Gbps), four times faster than its predecessor, WiFi 6.

Create the Ultimate Gaming Oasis at HOME with Nighthawk

For gaming enthusiasts, the Nighthawk gaming router is a dream: designed with gamer needs in mind, it offers low latency and speeds up to 19 Gbps, with support for up to 200 connected devices, paired with a 10Gb internet port and four 1Gb LAN ports, to bring your home set-up closer to those of professional gaming houses.

Features and Benefits That Set Netgear Apart at HOME

  • Multi-Link Operation: Using multiple WiFi bands at the same time, this feature increases throughput while eliminating many common connectivity issues.
  • 3rd Generation RF Technology: By sourcing direct to the best engineering houses, we were able to design and build the world’s most advanced routers and satellites, giving you the best signal possible, even in your most congested area.
  • Netgear Insight Management: Cloud-managed network solution from Netgear, making setup, configuration, and management of a network accessible from anywhere.
  • Bulletproof Security: Stay safe with Netgear Armor powered by Bitdefender protecting all your devices for a full year.
Availability and Pricing: Bringing the Future HOME

The wait for the miracle is nearly over: a WiFi 7 Orbi Mesh system will hit the US shelves in Q2 2023, priced at $1,500. The Nighthawk, a gaming router that promises to provide unparalleled gaming experience, will cost you $700. In this era of AI-driven online experiences, the extra cost is worth making your home the fastest connect, speediest deliverer and most hack-proof network there is.

Conclusion: A New Era of HOME Connectivity

It might be a small signpost on the long road that’s still being paved toward connecting every aspect of our homes to the digital age, but the best of what Netgear is bringing to market with its WiFi 7 Orbi mesh and Nighthawk gaming router is about setting the pace for home networking rather than simply following it. In an age when the digital and physical worlds are one and the same, protecting the home with the fastest internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

The Essence of HOME Connectivity

In short, if you bring a premium router to your household, say, WiFi 7 Orbi Mesh or the Nighthawk gaming router, you’re doing more than just getting the internet – you’re turning your home into a portal to the universe where you don’t need to worry whether streaming, gaming and running multiple gadgets at once will work. Consumers are fast approaching a future where smart homes and home automation are the standard touchstone for daily convergence. While our digital lifestyles become evermore complex, optimising our infrastructure will be essential to making this transition as seamless as possible.

Jun 12, 2024
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