Unveiling New Worlds: The Console Adventure Begins with Crossplay in Aeternum

Video game fans are in for a treat as Amazon Games is set to expand the action role-playing game (aRPG) genre by expanding its PC hit, New World: Aeternum, to consoles, with crossplay support. Scheduled to be released on 15 October 2024, the game will soon be playable on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. New World: Aeternum blurs the boundaries between console and PC worlds as adventurers can enter and play on the mystical island of Aeternum, together, sharing the same experiences and fighting battles. The game immerses players in a world, Aeternum, where time appears to have stopped. The mysterious island attracts players from around the world who suddenly find themselves in 1655 – humanity’s early colonisation period in the New World. Aeternum, however, is infested with dangerous supernatural creatures. Surviving Aeternum is no small feat. Players must access more powerful weapons and powers if they are to survive and thrive amidst the fiery demons, bloodthirsty spirits and dagger-wielding sorcerers they encounter. Aeternum is not just a virtual plane of existence, but also a real world full of players who follow their own path or join others on adventures.

The Call of Aeternum: A Cross-Platform Odyssey

Embarking Together on October 15

In Aeternum, a supernatural island with mysterious, untamed wildernesses, crumbling ruins and occult mysteries, the invitational gates are open for recs, where you can scratch out your fate like all the pesky PC vets. That’s nice in its own right. But more importantly, when cross-play is part of the foundation of the experience, the journey through the high, enchanted wilderness of Aeternum becomes a shared story of discovery, danger and risk, however long it may last.

A Playground of Myths: The Crossplay Chronicles

Where Console and PC Gamers Forge Legends

Any player landing on the shores of Aeternum confronts an island full of magic, monsters and mayhem, where they must craft adventure, strategic decisions and survival out of each voyage ­– as players, friends and rivals from all platforms can share in the magic of discovery, battle and camaraderie or compete on equal footing, whether together or alone. Crossplay will enable players on consoles to play with, and against, other PS4, Xbox and PC users.

Mastery and Magic: The Heart of Aeternum

Unleash Your Power Across CONSOLES

Underpinning this cross-platform epic is the ability to transform and develop your character to match your playstyle. Xbox/PlayStation gamers will use magic, melee or ranged options to fight, and to stay effective you must learn to time, position and hone attacks against the island’s monsters and their many dangers to survive and claim their best harvests.

The Artisan’s Path: Craft, Collaborate, Conquer

Refining Skills on CONSOLES with Crossplay

You craft your own path through Aeternum as much as you conquer it. A deeply complex crafting system forces you to scour the world for resources, refine said resources into even more powerful tools, and then forge gear, weapons and potions. Crossplay makes this element of the game shine because console and PC players can share information, resources and even craft things for each other, creating a vibrant artisan scene of crafters, warriors and explorers.

A Realm Redefined: New Content Awaits Console Adventurers

New World: Aeternum’s console leap is not just a port, but also a dimension of the universe expanding. Everybody playing on consoles will be getting new PvP contested zones, new raids and trials, all refreshed and challenging, as well as a revamped levelling experience that will be, in my opinion, unfamiliar even for old players. Don’t forget the reworked storyline and the addition of new character classes. While WoW may be prioritising WoTLK, New World will be introducing fresh content too With a new Aid system and a host of other enhancements, the consoles will reassess their game as it will be reborn into a brand new experience, making Aeternum as accessible and enticing for a rookie as it is for a campaigning old-timer.

The Gateway to Glory: Prepare for Aeternum

Players looking to get in on the ground floor can buy the game for $60 (though there’s also an $80 Deluxe Edition that includes some extra goodies); early adopters are also entitled to various starter rewards such as rare mounts and gear, depending on which platform they pre-order from. Console players who pre-order will be able to log in and claim their bounty before PC players, but PC players who log in before consoles launch will get a special edition mount, the Azoth Stalker wolf, which looks pretty as it is lethal.

Understanding Consoles: The Heart of Modern Gaming

In one way, the impending arrival of New World: Aeternum on consoles means more than what the name suggests: a wide-open land. This is a stepping stone in the ongoing process of gaming as a co-operative adventure. From the first console to embrace high-fidelity, immersive gaming in the living room to its emergence as a form of entertainment available on every major console manufacturer’s offerings, it’s dialling up the potential that players can experience together. Crossplay is tearing down the artificial walls that once compartmentalised different audiences as existing solely among one’s own kind. With its announcement that Amazon Games will utilise this new paradigm, we’re entering a new era in the legend of Aeternum. Console and PC players are the legends here, exploring together the boundless possibilities of a new world.

With the potential release of 15 October 2024 looming, the hype for this transmedia experience continues to build. Will you journey to Aeternum and live a life of adventure with millions of other explorers?

Jun 08, 2024
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