Never Lose Your Wallet Again: A Guide to Nomad’s Game-Changing Tracking Card

Do the swooping moments of panic when you lose your wallet wear you out? Does the repetitive loss of your vital items induce panic in you? Stop panicking! Nomad unveiled the marvel that will make your wallet immobilised and you can enjoy it forever. Introducing the futuristic security of your wallet, the Nomad Tracking Card.

Introducing Nomad's Revolutionary Wallet Companion

At its core is the svelte Tracking Card that uses APPLE’s Find My network to give you a bit of Kevlar for your wallet. No heavy-duty clip-on tracker that requires special accessories or an app to ensure that your car keys are truly out of sight and out of mind. Just an elegant piece of equipment that works as beautifully as it looks.

Embrace Style and Function with the Nomad Tracking Card

Nomad’s new Tracking Card is a sleek, modern alternative to wallet trackers that cost $40. The device is the thickness of two credit cards piled on top of each other, and slides in to your wallet without issue. It’s beautiful, too, slipping in without detracting from your wardrobe.

Effortless Setup for Seamless Security

Setting up your Nomad Tracking Card is not particularly difficult. Just press a button and the card will register with your APPLE account in a few steps that are fairly straightforward. When added to the Find My app on your iPhone, your wallet guardian will be close at hand – in case you misplace it.

Advanced Features That Set Nomad Apart

It’s these features of Nomad’s Tracking Card that make it such a good choice – not only can you track its location through the Find My app if it goes missing, but it has a battery that will run for up to five months on a single charge, and it can be charged wirelessly using Qi or MagSafe chargers.

A Glimpse into the Future: Nomad's Aesthetic Blueprint

Details matter to Nomad, even the stuff that’s invisible. If you look closely at the Tracking Card, you’ll notice that the internals are diagrammed — yes, the circuitry is laid out, aluminum can processors, and all. This is a telephone you can see, and hear. Well, it’s a telephone you can see, anyway, because phones don’t live in your wallet.

Making an Informed Decision: Nomad vs. The Competition

Nomad’s Tracking Card, which began crowdfunding on Nomad’s website on 14 June, enters a market already populated with Bluetooth-enabled tiles from the likes of Chipolo and Pebblebee. What differentiates Nomad is simply the synthesis of design, utility and its integration with APPLE’s ecosystem. The need for a wireless charging station is a burden, to be sure, but the features, looks and reliability set the Nomad Tracking Card apart.

Why APPLE's Ecosystem Elevates the Nomad Tracking Card

At the same time, the tracker’s utility, and its usefulness for a company, is in part a function of it having the blessing of APPLE’s vast Find My network. In that way, the ecosystem works the other way, too – creating incentives for third-party hardware makers to create products that are more useful, more seamless, more appealing for APPLE users.

Finally, Nomad’s Tracking Card is a truly stylish solution to a real-world problem: losing things. Nomad has the benefit of being able to use the APPLE Find My network, which can track the device more effectively than a Bluetooth locator would. If you’re a habitual wallet-loser like me, or simply want an extra layer of protection for all your prized belongings, Nomad’s Tracking Card is a smart investment. To learn more and to get lost more peacefully, visit

May 29, 2024
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