Unveiling the Future with NVIDIA: The Dawn of Digital Humanity and AI Avatars

When it seems like technology is only getting faster at making the formerly impossible possible, NVIDIA has once again put another point down on the ever-accelerating timeline of breakthrough technology. The introduction of NVIDIA ACE generative AI microservices is advancing the future of digital humans. These AI avatars will soon be powering a completely new generation of customer service, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment applications. Here’s how NVIDIA is ushering in our digital future – one AI avatar at a time.

NVIDIA's ACE: The Heartbeat of Digital Evolution

And the NVIDIA ACE (Accelerated Computing Enterprise) platform itself becomes a core digital-human creator and operator that accelerates the development of AI. And a great example of things to come is the early access city gallery release of Nemotron-3 4.5B, NVIDIA’s first Small Language Model (SLM). Similar in quality and performance to cloud-based Large Language Models (LLMs), it can run on devices near the data source itself, enabling a vastly scaled deployment of AI.

Pioneering the Digital Landscape: NVIDIA's Technological Marvels

Starting with the introduction of on-device models like NVIDIA Audio2Face and NVIDIA Riva ASR, and continuing with the new AI Inference Manager SDK that abstracts away all the minutiae of embedding ACE on a PC – including the complexity of AI models and the orchestration of work within and across clouds – NVIDIA’s technological suite is transforming the way developers bring AI to market. This expansion of AI’s reach is already transformative. With the new products and capabilities that NVIDIA is making available to developers, ACE’s power will soon be available on a staggering 100 million RTX AI PCs and laptops.

Empowering Real-world Applications With ACE

It can help players engage more naturally with non-playable characters – called NPCs in the gaming world – and create more fluid interactions between customers and virtual celebrities for advertisers, too. Work on NVIDIA ACE incorporates gameplay and advertisement creators from Perfect World Games, Aww Inc, and Inventec.

NVIDIA: A Catalyst for Business Transformation

NVIDIA’s ACE represents more than a generative AI demo. It also represents a new source of corporate competitive advantage. By providing capabilities such as these to Dell Technologies, ServiceNow, and others, NVIDIA is on the path to driving customer engagement and operational efficiency with conversational AI. ACE is a leading indicator of what will soon be an industry-wide trend. For every retail or healthcare setting, or with every customer service interaction, ACE can now generate a natural, conversational experience.

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation at COMPUTEX 2024

At COMPUTEX 2024, NVIDIA’s digital human startups would be it. Following the success of complex human-like AI language models such as DALL-E and ChatGPT, NVIDIA wanted to showcase the potential for generative AI to create digital characters expressing individuality and personality. To do so, NVIDIA had partnered with a company called Voicemod to add AI-driven speech capabilities to its digital characters. Now, instead of simply having a mimicking mouth, the digital persona could also have a unique voice.

The Road Ahead with NVIDIA ACE NIM

The NVIDIA ACE journey has only just begun. With ACE NIM microservices for server deployments available now (and RTX AI PC early access coming soon), NVIDIA is opening the door for developers to participate. The fact that NVIDIA AI Enterprise software was included marks the level of investment NVIDIA was making in developing solutions for digital humans. NVIDIA is committed to bringing it to reality.


Starting from its origins in graphics card manufacturing, NVIDIA has become an industry-dominating powerhouse in virtually every sector of computing. The company’s AI research and its applications to driverless vehicles and deep learning are excellent examples of this. In fact, NVIDIA has become such a central force of the transformative AI revolution approaching, you could (and probably will) hear about NVIDIA in virtually every mention of AI over the next several decades. The company has a long tradition of excellence, and its unyielding drive toward innovation has set its silhouette all towards the future of computing.

In conclusion, NVIDIA’s recent advances in generative AI and microservices for digital humans didn’t just create amazing technology, they inaugurated a future where human and digital experiences seamlessly blend with each other. At the beginning of this new world is NVIDIA, leading the way and offering a digital humanity that could add value to every aspect of our lives, both for work and fun – from medicine to entertainment and beyond. The sky is the limit. Cheers to a digital human future powered by NVIDIA.

Jun 03, 2024
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