Powering the Frontier: How NVIDIA is Transforming Edge AI Across Industries

As the fog of innovation continues to extend in areas of real-time healthcare, industrial and scientific operations thanks to breakthrough AI technologies, technology companies are positioned to usher in a new era of innovation by accelerating the path to AI application and deployment at the edge. NVIDIA Holoscan, which links NVIDIA AI Enterprise-IGX to the NVIDIA IGX platform, has revealed a new way for AI applications to be designed, built and deployed at the edge for enterprise-grade software support. This new approach will revolutionise the industry and lead to exciting new opportunities for NVIDIA partners, bringing tremendous value in efficiency and performance across the board.

NVIDIA: Redefining Edge AI Capabilities

This combination of NVIDIA AI Enterprise-IGX and NVIDIA Holoscan within the NVIDIA IGX platform paves the way for widespread adoption of medical, industrial and scientific computing applications through a combination of performance, security and scalability that dramatically simplifies the deployment of AI workloads and applications on a global basis. ‘This is transformational,’ said Deepu Talla, NVIDIA’s vice president of robotics and edge computing. ‘There is a power shift toward software-defined smarts that are needed to help industries meet their high-fidelity, quality requirements.

Accelerating Medical Innovation with NVIDIA IGX

In medicine, Holoscan and IGX from NVIDIA has become the first holistic AI reference architecture, which is already used by the likes of Medtronic and Moon Surgical to develop and differentiate patient outcomes while refining surgical systems. For instance, the Maestro System by Moon Surgical, a robotic assistant for microsurgery, is being developed in collaboration with NVIDIA IGX with Holoscan, to speed up the commercialisation of intelligent robotic assistants that could help surgeons speed up surgeries and reduce errors.

Boosting Industrial Efficiency with NVIDIA IGX

Meanwhile, in the arena of industrial applications, NVIDIA IGX promises to lead the way in bringing AI to bear on factory manufacturing, robotic operations and other industrial environments with advanced AI solutions through a collaboration with the company ADLINK that promises to make manufacturing safer, more precise and more efficient. This collaboration shows the reality of the need for prophylactic safety measures and real-time operations optimisation in the factory. This futuristic vision sees the industrial space pushing the boundaries of progress and a better standard of living for us all.

Exploring the Cosmos with NVIDIA IGX

And the NVIDIA IGX platform isn’t limited to planet Earth. It’s helping companies such as the SETI Institute use the power of AI to explore worlds beyond. For example, by leveraging NVIDIA IGX Orin, SETI researchers can now process large amounts of data from radio telescopes with unprecedented acceleration, leading the way to new horizons in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The NVIDIA IGX family of products has a broad range of applications – from industrial environments to new possibilities in space – thanks to its ability to tackle the chip inefficiencies of traditional embedded hardware.

Unleashing Generative AI and HPC at the Edge

Powered by NVIDIA’s latest hyperscaler platform updates, including support for the NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPU, our computing power at the edge has been turbocharged to deliver up to 7x faster AI performance for generative AI and HPC workloads. Building on this commitment, NVIDIA will continue to add additional software features and enhancements to its hyperscaler platform, allowing said systems to operate even smarter for even longer. This will further mark a step change in what’s possible for AI applications at the edge.

Empowering NVIDIA-Certified Systems

The expansion of the NVIDIA-Certified Systems programme to include the IGX platform is a sign of how systems based on NVIDIA IGX are verified and optimised, and how enterprises worldwide are building NVIDIA-Certified IGX systems for optimised compute workloads accelerated with AI. This programme is helping to certify the performance and reliability of AI workloads, facilitating the use of the latest innovations by organisations around the world.


At its core, NVIDIA is a company obsessed with computational innovation. Through its pioneering work in graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming, NVIDIA has evolved into a global leader in AI, high-performance computing and edge computing that enables developers, researchers and enterprises around the globe to tackle some of the most complex and pressing challenges facing our planet in new and powerful ways. It’s a future in which AI is woven into every facet of our lives, a future we’re committed to helping make happen. If there is anyone who can do this, it’s NVIDIA. By continuing to drive AI innovation to the state of the art, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, advancing progress towards a future where AI improves our world in every way.

Jun 03, 2024
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