Unveiling the Future with NVIDIA: Powering AI Assistants and Creativity Beyond Limits

NVIDIA helps us to create artificially intelligent agents and digital human avatars that break down the barriers between us and our tools. The GeForce RTX AI PCs usher in a new era of technology, one where AI will change the way you play, create, and relate.

The Dawn of AI Gaming Assistants with GeForce RTX

Project G-Assist, powered by NVIDIA’s pioneering GeForce RTX AI, is literally a game-changer for gaming. With G-Assist, you have an AI that lives inside your game, and remains aware of what’s going on at all times. It’s your strategic sidekick, analyzing the game to offer helpful advice, adapting your optimum system settings, and even providing updates if your system gets too hot. We partnered with Studio Wildcard to bring G-Assist to life on ARK: Survival Ascended.

NVIDIA ACE: The Cornerstone of Digital Human Platforms

Not content with gaming, expectedly the NVIDIA ACE digital human platform saw its debut, along with the first PC-based NVIDIA NIM inference microservices meant to bring digital humans to think, learn and interact in real-time, powered by RTX AI and set to dramatically transform interaction with machines and software, making it indistinguishable from a real human conversation, creating a richer, more personalised digital world for us to experience.

Collaborating for a Creative Future

NVIDIA’s relationship with Microsoft shows that its approach to innovation is not only to drive advancements within its ecosystem but also to extend its technology to developer communities around the world, by making it easy to access GPU-accelerated small language models. This paves the way for generations of new generative AI use cases to run locally on laptops and desktops, opening the door to new potential for content creation, summarisation and automating tasks within the experience of the Windows desktop.

Supercharging Creativity with the RTX AI Toolkit

At the centre of these initiatives is the RTX AI Toolkit, intended to bring the power of AI content creation to a stronger grassroots community of drawers, painters, developers, and coders. This package of tools, designed to reduce the time and resources needed to deploy AI models, significantly lightens the requirements for creators and developers to breathe new life into generations of artists, writers, coders and creators. NVIDIA is also using the RTX AI Toolkit to ‘handle the heavy lifting’ through its partnerships with creative software giants such as Adobe and Blackmagic Design. Meanwhile, Topaz is working with NVIDIA to integrate its AI tech into one of its popular creative applications, allowing creators to use the computer vision to unleash their creativity. NVIDIA isn’t just standing on the fringes of the creative process. it’s redrawing it.

Empowering Modders and Video Enthusiasts Aike

Photo courtesy of NVIDIAThe RTX Remix platform and the new RTX Video features reflect NVIDIA’s dedication to the community. Today, with the open source release of the RTX Remix Toolkit, and by giving developers free access to RTX Video’s AI-powered super-resolution capabilities, RTX Remix is effectively putting the artists in the driver’s seat. Not only will it speed up the creation of incredible-looking RTCl remasters, but it will also help take video creation to the next generation. Through RTX Remix, NVIDIA allows artists and developers around the world to unlock their full creative potential.

NVIDIA: At the Heart of AI Innovation

As the global leader in AI technology, NVIDIA is constantly upping the ante so that everything from gaming, to digital content creation, to AI research and development, can perfectly pave the way for this digital-first future. It’s about much more than a powerful GPU or groundbreaking technology – it’s about creating the promise of a world where technology enhances the very nature of living – blending the physical and digital together.

In conclusion, the announcements made by NVIDIA are not just advancements in technology, but they are also ushering a future that is full of possibilities. And in a world where NVIDIA leads the way, you know that the future is bright and it's got a NVIDIA in it.

Jun 03, 2024
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