Illuminating Innovation: Panerai's Elux Dive Watch Lights Up Luxury

Driven by the pursuit of something new, a timepiece from luxury watch specialist Panerai comes equipped with a luminous light show that unfolds straight from the wrist. The Submersible Elux Lab-ID Dive Watch offers more than mere watchmaking; it is an electrifying light that sheds light on the possibilities of what a watch can become – minus the battery, of course.

A Bright Leap Beyond Battery Power

Lighting up a watch dial is not an innovative concept per se. From the primitive glow of the first clock with Indiglo from Timex to the high-tech workings of an Apple Watch face, it has been done. However, Panerai’s Elux dive watch leaves batteries far behind in terms of the lighted trail and takes a big leap into the future. For a cool $96,300, are you wowed by how it glows?

Technological Marvel: The Submersible Elux Lab-ID

Push past a hundred years of tradition; there’s a brave new world lying beneath. An approach to tech that prioritises mechanics, that delivers innovation while putting forward a watch that neither side need apologise for. Lume without batteries. Where does it go next? Into the fresh, electroluminous waters of a dive watch, expertise that remains firmly mechanically rooted, and that pays its dues to more than a hundred years of Panerai tradition, but that also takes the art to dizzying new heights of complexity and innovation.

PUSHING BOUNDARIES with Patented Perfection

It is easy to forget that the Elux is a watch at all, such is the slew of patents devoted to pushing the envelope of Panerai’s ‘engineering at the service of design’, as they say. A safety-protected activation button and a scratch-proof blue ceramized titanium case combine to create a beautifully machined, blingy and bullet-proof timepiece. Even so, it is the radium-laced hold that this wristwatch has on the eye – thanks to a 100 per cent mechanical movement that does away with the need for a battery – that ultimately steals the show.

A Symphony of LEDs: Lighting the Way

And at the centre of the Elux’s intrigue is a blaze of LEDs that bursts into play, creating a radiance that can be seen as far away as 30 minutes or as long as the wearer keeps moving. Panerai, the legendary Italian watchmaker, has maximised the kinetic energy from the automatic self-winding system to reinvent the luxury watch for electroluminescence.

Innovation Through Complexity

It took the interplay of dozens of specially developed components, from conductive golden tracks to ion polymer cannon pinions, to make an Elux (aka, ‘electroluminescent’). And a fondness for developing solutions from scratch to the problem of lighting the hands and the rotating bezel without the slightest compromise on the waterproof quality of the watch is characteristic of the firm’s pioneering, hands-on approach.

A Vision of Electrifying Potential

Yes, the immediate appeal of the Elux is its pretty lightshow, but no less tantalising are the doors it opens for future applications of its core technology. For if this dive watch can help us see the light, texturally and chromatically, it’s possible that others like it – as well as entirely new forms of wearables – could expand upon its visual spectacles into broader new functionalities.

Understanding the MOVE

Every step forward in the evolution of the Submersible Elux Lab-ID is a deliberate step from Panerai towards a day when technology and tradition will exist beyond any clear boundary. They are a move, a move, and a move further. They are the move forward to innovate, sitting inside a container of mechanical integrity; it is the move upwards to overcome an engineering challenge, forging the scalable depth; they are the move out to the edges of creative microscopic light, to illuminate the way forward for luxury watchmaking. You can watch the Submersible LAB-ID being put through its paces over at

In creating the Elux, Panerai demonstrated once again its appetite for exploring new horizons in the world of luxury timekeeping. Stand back! When we fasten the high-tech future to our wrists, where will the luxury of time-telling go next? Panerai’s Submersible Elux Lab-ID Dive Watch indicates that the path forward will continue to be adorned with the strong electron luminescence arising from the interaction of precision mechanical métiers and increasingly innovative electronics.

Jun 16, 2024
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