The Ultimate Showdown: PS5 Original vs. PS5 Slim - Which Reigns Supreme?

PS5 Slim, which is the thinner, newer version of the now beastly looking Original PS5, which looks... beastly. Sony has once again turned the gaming world upside down by releasing their slimmer, newer version of the now monstrously looking Original PS5 (which looks, again, utterly beastly). So, just what exactly makes them different from one another? Grab your hand grenades and prepare yourself, because we’re going to be comparing the two, we’re going to go all out, all in, win or go down in flames, and leave your decision between the PS5 Slim and the PS5 quite informed that’s for damn sure!

PS5 vs. PS5 Slim: Unpacking the Price Tag

The price of the PS5 – in any iteration – is one of the most popular topics to talk about when it comes to discussing PlayStation 5. The original PS5 launched with a digital only version for $399 and with a disc-drive version for $499. Sony stuck to these prices with the launch of the PS5 Slim, with a digital-only model launching for $449 and a disc drive model for $499. This means that while the digital-only PS5 Slim is more expensive than the original digital-only PS5, it saves you money if you aren’t into physical copies. If you are dead-set on a $399 PS5, then you better act fast before the original stock runs out.

Size Matters: Comparing the Consoles

The main difference, for starters, is in the dimensions. The PS5 Slim is about 30 per cent smaller than the original model, but – despite the name calling it a ‘Slim’ – this version is still a big chunky lump, especially compared with Microsoft’s sprawling yet austere effort the Xbox Series X. That reduction in size is to be welcomed, for players who have less space at home, but as another Sony exec said when describing the PS5 Slim, it’s still ‘a small refrigerator’.

Under the Hood: Performance and Storage Insights

Looking inside, the PS5 and the slim PS5 are identical in power, so play ability is consistent across both versions. The real difference? Storage. The PS5 Slim comes with 1TB of storage onboard, versus the 825GB of the original version. This upgrade is clearly a concession to gamers ever-increasing backlog of titles that they can now download and keep installed to play whenever they choose.

The Disc Drive Dilemma

The availability of a PS5 Slim without disc drive carries on a theme, but this time with a twist: the option of a detachable disc drive, perhaps for those who want the best of both worlds now and again. This seems like a surprisingly gentle compromise to an era with changing habits.

Deals and Bundles: Sweetening the Deal

Just as with any major console release, bundles and special deals on the surround belongings – not to mention savings on some of the greatest new titles – encourage you to consider the new model, promising a reason to upgrade. As Sony hypes its latest technological marvel, these lower-tier offers highlight the company’s focus on providing value.

The PS5 DualSense Controller: An Unchanged Gem

Even through hardware changes, the PS5 DualSense controller has a constant role linking the two console generations together. The feeling of the gameplay provided by haptic feedback and adaptive triggers is getting better and better, and color variants are giving games a personalized feel.

Understanding the PS5 Ecosystem

Either way, as a product, the PS5 in both its original and Slim incarnations is a fascinating manifestation of modern gaming, its powerful specs and DualSense controller signalling Sony’s intention to continue to push what a game can be. In bringing us the PS5 Slim, it seems the intention was not to make it a revolution, but a refinement: one that offers gamers the same great performance and gaming experiences but in a console that takes up less space.

With the release of the PS5 Slim era, Sony shows that it has addressed concerns about the size of the original PS5, but still prioritises the things about the console that made it a gaming must-have. Whether you are in the original PS5 ‘heavier is better’ camp, or the PS5 Slim ‘super-sleek is the way’ camp, having a PlayStation is still a gateway to gaming greatness.

The PS5 story isn’t over yet either, as each model offers a different experience to gamers. But Sony has something else up its sleeve – the waiting world holds its breath wondering what the gaming giants have in store next for our living room consoles. Whether you’re a PS5 fan or are seduced by the Slim’s sirens, there is no doubt that the Sony PlayStation 5 is still king of next-gen gaming.

May 30, 2024
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