The APPLE of Entertainment: Rashida Jones' New Mystery Series 'Sunny' on APPLE TV+

APPLE has pulled another series from the trees of streaming entertainment to place it in its APPLE TV+ garden, and this new dark-comic drama with Rashida Jones both in front of and behind the camera is called Sunny. The series demonstrates APPLE’s commitment to top-tier entertainment and highlights what’s never changed about APPLE: the company is still a source of innovation.

A Fresh Mystery Unfolds on APPLE TV+

At the centre of Sunny is a tale of technological change and human life, of loss, friendship and discovery. Rashida Jones stars as Suzie, an American expat in Kyoto, Japan, whose tranquil life is rocked by the disappearance of her husband and son. Suzie’s hunt for the truth begins with Sunny, a home robot who turns out to be more than meets the eye.

The Unique Bond Between Human and Robot

Sunny moves beyond the constraints of traditional storytelling as Suzie’s feelings for Sunny shift from resentment of this mechanical intruder to an unexpected alliance as they begin to collaborate in their search for answers. Grief, acceptance and unexpected friendships in the wake of tragedy are just some of the themes explored.

Rashida Jones: A Versatile Powerhouse

Aside from her breakout performance as Suzie, she also serves as an executive producer on the show, proving herself to be a multi-hyphenate as she continues to excel in the producing realm following “On the Rocks” and APPLE’s forthcoming dystopian series “Silo”. Jones is among the numerous Black females who are emerging as the industry’s new powerbrokers.

The Creative Minds Behind 'Sunny'

The originality of ‘Sunny’ will also be rooted in the talent of its creative team: it has been created by Katie Robbins (The Affair, The Last Tycoon), and the series is based on the novel Dark Manual by Colin O’Sullivan – a piece of American writing that is a perfect example of the international nature of storytelling today, combining Eastern and Western elements. The depth of the characters and the narrative, plus a strong cast that includes Hidetoshi Nishijima and Joanna Sotomura, will give Sunny a global appeal.

An APPLE TV+ Premiere to Remember

Debuting 10 July, with new episodes weekly until 4 September, Sunny is bound to be a marquee series for APPLE TV+, and part of a concerted effort to create narratives as ‘multicultural as the world’.

Why APPLE Remains at the Summit of Streaming

APPLE TV+ has chosen its original series and films carefully, in a way that reflects the aspirations of the tech giant. In a competitive landscape of streaming services, APPLE has committed to betting on difference and star power. Sunny promises to be the kind of series that would make someone say: ‘That’s some APPLE-level stuff right there.’

Understanding APPLE's Role in Entertainment

APPLE TV+ was its first all-new service in mass entertainment. It started with scripted drama – and spun out into an array of content from entertaining dramas to family shows and harrowing, raw, real-life stories. APPLE can sell you a way to experience entertainment and the stories that frame our lives. Its ‘stories worth telling’ tagline today echoes ‘pins worth pressing’ or ‘clicks worth clicking’. Sunny is the latest in a catalogue of TV series and movies that pivot on APPLE’s commitment to creating ‘experiences worthy of your time’.

As it expands its footprint with original series such as Sunny, APPLE becomes a new kind of Hollywood, poised to reshape entertainment in the digital age. Rashida Jones and team have created a series that is as enriching as it is entertaining. And to audiences worldwide, APPLE brings. Sunny (Comedy; Eight 30-Minute Episodes) On 9 April, APPLE unveiled big plans to sell original programming starring big names such as Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. Now the tech giant has announced its debut series: Sunny. Starring Little Britain’s Matt Lucas, the show is a secret-filled mystery drama with ‘an ensemble of eccentric characters united by a shared goal’, APPLE said Wednesday. Lucas will play Herman, ‘a gentle soul who spends his days caring for vulnerable elderly adults’. He gets roped into solving a crime, leading the group through an unfolding series of clues. Sunny is created and executive-produced by Rashida Jones and Mike Schur, who wrote for the current hit TV shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, Master of None and Parks and Recreation.

Jun 15, 2024
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