Unleash Your Nostalgia: Power Up Your Workspace with a Retro Numpad

In an age of slimline innovation and increasingly minimalist computer hardware design, the era of chunky, analogue gadgetry, is at risk of being nostalgia-ised. For those of us who long for the satisfying weight of a key press and the alluring clackety-clack of true mechanical switches, there is a piece of kit on the market that will scratch that retro itch.

A Companion for Your RETRO KEYBOARD Quest

Still feeling like a compromised TKL life isn't quite enough? You can opt for mechanical numpad, because if you were already hooked on 8BitDo's line of mechanical keyboards to begin with, you're probably really into nostalgic stuff.


If the nostalgia was spot-on, the tenkeyless design proved to be a dealbreaker for those users who missed the functionality of a full-sized numerical keypad. Turns out that not everyone doubles as a magician. To address this, 8BitDo released the Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad, a clever retronym that essentially turns the add-on into a space-saver: a multifunctional tool that can be detached and used as a standalone calculator, in case you ever need to crunch numbers off-screen. A dedicated button that launches the Windows Calculator app helps to keep your workflow uninterrupted.

A Perfect Match for Every Retro Enthusiast

The Retro 18 is quite literally an aesthetic, its felt finish not only practical but specifically designed to match each retro keyboard the company sells. At $44.99 for a pre‑order, this is a modest upgrade that can enhance the enjoyment of working at an old-school keyboard, making every keystroke feel and look like it is part of a unified aesthetic whole.

Pre-Order Now: A Journey Back in Time Awaits

Want to add another piece to your retro-tech collection? The Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad is available for pre-order now, and it’s slated to ship on July 15th. The numpad will be available in four different styles to match one of 8BitDo’s four retro keyboards.

8BitDo: A Nostalgic Revolution in Keyboard Design

For those not paying attention, 8BitDo’s foray into the mechanical keyboard world represents an affectionate homage to gaming and computing history. Following the Nintendo Entertainment System, Commodore 64, and (soon) the IBM models, these are more than just input devices, they are windows to the past.

Why Choose a Pad for Your Setup?

In a world where so much revolves around digital convenience and ease of use, owning and integrating a pad into your setup says something. It says that there’s something worth paying homage to, worth acknowledging in the physical communication and interaction between man and machine: the crisp thud of a raised letter, the coin-operated disappointment of a mis-thumbed button. And, while it might not be as utile as many modern designs, for someone that appreciates both the retro aesthetic and the unrivalled ergonomics of a well-actuated keypress, there is something about a pad like this that’s irreplaceable.

Exploring the Essence of the PAD

Underpinning it all, though, the ‘pad’ in question is more than just a means of entering a digit. It is another example of a much larger phenomenon – a wave of retro revivalism that sees the tangibility of mechanical switches, the aesthetic allure of old-style furniture, and the emotional attachment to older electronic artefacts, all brought into the realm of modern digital culture.

The pad is as much an attachment as it is a link between two worlds, a resource that makes you more efficient as you use a technology even more affectionately. A step back in time that also brings you closer to the present. A Retro 18 Numpad, then, is not just an extra part for your keyboard. It’s the sound of button clacks that you loved back in the day. It’s your own customised workplace. It’s vintage keeping 21st-century tech alive.

Jun 02, 2024
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