Get # Ears in Love: How Dekoni Breathed New Life into AUDEZE's Iconic Vegan Earpads

AUDEZE is a brand that inspires the sort of respect and worship that, in other circles, is reserved for the likes of Steve Jobs or Wayne Rooney; or, say the Spanish Inquisition. In the world of audiophiles and music production maestros, it is a by-word for top-end gear and, in particular, planar-magnetic headphones. I have had audio friends with an AUDEZE Aeros, AUDEZE LCD-2 and AUDEZE LCD-X in their collections, and all of those headphones shared one thing in common: they were all pretty bloody comfortable, thanks in no small part to the Vegan earpads which were once an essential accessory in mostany self-respecting audiophile’s collection (at least up until a decade ago, when AUDEZE discontinued them). That’s why when Dekoni contacted me, offering to replace the AUDEZE Vegan LCD headphone earpads with a new set, I jumped at the chance.

A Collaboration of Audiophile Titans

This wasn’t going to be an easy task. To breathe new life into the AUDEZE Vegan earpad revival, it was critical to understand what was so outstanding about the original AUDEZE, and to have the extensive modern expertise of a company with the same unwavering commitment to excellence in audio accessories as Dekoni. Delving into earpad development with more thought and passion than anyone else on Earth, Dekoni aimed to bring back the AUDEZE Vegan’s luxurious feel not simply as they were, but better.

To do this, he turned to Andrew ‘DMS’ McNally, an audiophile, top-notch DIY loudspeaker-maker and YouTuber with deep knowledge and obvious love of all things audio. Together, they worked to revive and modernise the Schumanns for an audio audience of today.

The Return of a Legend

‘My favourite pads of all time are back!’ proclaimed DMS. ‘I’m in love with the AUDEZE sound again.’ The headphones are a vehicle for the collaboration that continues to celebrate the legacy of the original, while making better use of the materials and technology that are available now.

Not Just a Covering, But a Statement

Other than the price point and the fact they’re vegan, the Dekoni New AUDEZE Vegan Earpads stand out for their materials, at least from the consumer’s standpoint. Dekoni does away with leather in favour of an ethical, audiophile-grade microsuede. The microsuede choice comes with its fair share of perks, too. For starters, the lacking of odour and durability on par with top-grade leather screams of quality and comfort. Plus, the microsuede’s breathability helps with ventilation. And then there’s the comfort that results when you pair the microsuede with the high-quality, slow-rebounding memory foam. It’ll provide as comfortable an audio experience as it will an immersive one.

A Design That Speaks Volumes

It’s not just the ingredients that earn Dekoni’s AUDEZE Vegan pads a thumbs up: they also feature the sloped ‘pillow’ construction that has become AUDEZE’s signature design, which ensures the earpads fit snugly against the curves of the wearer’s head – König kept his from slipping off during his more than 21,000-mile epic hillwalk around Britain – while shaping the acoustic experience and providing a comfortable fit over the long haul.

Where to Find This Audio Alchemy

Those interested can purchase Dekoni’s Vegan pads for AUDEZE headphones on Dekoni’s website, Amazon, and various other retailers around the globe. MSRP is $89.99. This article was originally published in

A Testament to Passionate Collaboration

Dekoni’s revival of AUDEZE’s Vegan earpads is a testament to what can be achieved when technical mastery, positive focus and reverence for the past are all present. It’s a reminder that the best products, in the right hands, can be plucked from the dustbin of history and made even better than before for a new generation of enthusiasts.


AUDEZE is a California-based premium audio manufacturer providing the most accurate sound reproduction available today. AUDEZE is committed to innovation. That’s why their headphones’ crystal-clear fidelity is achieved through manufacturing technology originally developed for NASA, and commercialised through planar magnetic technology. No comparable technology comes close to matching its clarity, detail, and deep, enveloping soundstage. At the forefront of the music industry, AUDEZE delivers products that set the benchmark for accuracy, detail, and immersion, as evidenced by the numerous industry and consumer awards won by their headphones. For anyone listening to AUDEZE for the very first time, our products provide an audio experience that is transcendent.

May 30, 2024
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