Unlock the Ultimate Viewing Experience: How SAMSUNG is Revolutionizing TV Entertainment

Samsung QLED TVs bring home the most advanced innovations of today’s TV technology. The brand constantly strives to improve the use of television, providing us with an immersive entertainment experience on demand. With the Father’s Day approaching, we’ve found an amazing deal you should not miss: $400 off on the Samsung 55-inch QN90C QLED TV. This incredible deal is just a part of Samsung’s extensive QLED TV deals to upgrade your home cinema experience.

Why the Samsung 55-inch QN90C Should Be Your Next TV

The Ultimate Picture Quality

Samsung’s QN90C is not the TV experience you have grown used to. Tuned for people that don’t just watch, but immerse, this 4K QLED TV is a showcase of technology. Samsung delivers brilliantly coloured displays and the best possible black this TV can possibly produce. It’s created for viewers who demand the brightest picture, enhanced by HDR support – and one that renders images with tremendous clarity and colour. Ranging from 55 inches to 85 inches, bringing cinema-quality pictures for your home is an experience.

Fluid Motion for Every Scene

Another headline feature is a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which means that even the fastest of chases in an action movie or a fastball in a baseball game will look clear without any blurring. The 4K upscaling of everything makes everything appear close to the best of UHD, even if the media was not originally in high definition.

Gaming at Its Finest

Gamers in particular will love the Samsung QN90C. With four HDMI 2.1 certified inputs, it’s ready for the latest consoles and PCs that can support its full specification, meaning you can play at the maximum framerate with minimal input lag. Gaming features include AMD FreeSync, Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, so games not only look great but they can also run smoothly to give you a competitive edge and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Smart Features Galore

But Samsung hasn’t forgotten about picture quality. Powered by the intuitive Tizen OS, the QN90C is a smart TV with a huge range of apps and games. As well, there’s Android device mirroring and Apple AirPlay 2 to play back content from your phone or tablet. Whether your plan is to binge-watch a TV series, play a game, or stream video through your smartphone, this TV can accommodate.

A Deal Not to Be Missed

If you have $1,100 – a steal from its initial price of $1,500 – go for the 55-inch QN90C QLED TV from Samsung right now. Throw in a decently priced high-end soundbar from the many soundbar deals out there and you are on your way to a full-on audiovisual indulgence.

Enhancing Your Entertainment with SAMSUNG

Samsung once again set the pace for innovation among TV manufacturers, and the QN90C is a realization of the cutting-edge of what TV does and can do, from its brilliant picture performance and high refresh rate to its gaming creds and smart features.

About Samsung

Consumer electronics giant Samsung has always been at the forefront of the digital age. From its first novel smartphone to its innovative smart TV and smart home appliances, it leads the way in tech advances. Samsung is committed to constant innovation, quality products and a relentless drive to create a better life and new experiences for its customers.

Jun 16, 2024
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