Leap Forward: Gesture Command to Action with WowMouse AR for Magic Leap 2

With their launch of the WowMouse AR for Magic Leap 2, Doublepoint Technologies have taken a giant leap into the future of gesture technology. Next-gen hand-tracking, an immersive environment and unique hand-held controller will transform human-computer interaction.

Unveiling the LEAP: WowMouse AR at Augmented World Expo 2024

Featuring at the Augmented World Expo 2024 is WowMouse – the next leap – as part of the Doublepoint Technologies debut. Doublepoint Technologies will demo how Android smartwatches (i.e., the Libre smartwatch) can become effective AR gestural input devices, thus enhancing the human-computer interface on a Magic Leap 2. Come to the Augmented World Expo 2024 at the Long Beach Convention Center (June 18-20) and witness the next leap in action.

Seamless Integration: How WowMouse AR Enhances Magic Leap 2

Doublepoint Technologies is proud to partner with Magic Leap’s stellar team to bring WowMouse micro-gesture controls to the dramatically advanced Magic Leap 2. The integration of WowMouse’s intuitive multi-touch finger-only control gesture – combined with the added accuracy of eye-tracking – moves AR beyond mere interaction; it provides a direct and superior input experience for both novice and expert users. Magic Leap 2 arrives with Doublepoint’s commitment to inspire more dreams, better realities.

A LEAP of Innovation: WowMouse AR Mode

Utilising Doublepoint’s advanced core algorithm, WowMouse, initially a wearable tech demo that turned smartwatches into mouse-like Wrist Mice and Wrist Controllers with micro-gestures, propelled the WowMouse app the next step forward into AR – when paired with a Magic Leap 2 by Bluetooth, WowMouse AR Mode can activate and control AR environments with an ease of depth and nuance of gesture, gaze, and pinch. WowMouse has been downloaded more than 55,000 times since its debut at CES 2024.

Recognition of a LEAP Forward: A Finalist at the Auggie Awards

Doublepoint’s leap in gesture control tech hasn’t gone unnoticed either. The WowMouse AR for Magic Leap 2 has put Doublepoint as one of the top 5 finalists in the Best Interaction Product category at the Auggie Awards. That will be a historic moment to celebrate for wearables and interactive digital interfaces, at the presentation on 19 June at AWE.

Empowering the LEAP: Magic Leap's Developer Ecosystem

Developers would not be able to create WowMouse AR hardware for Magic Leap 2 without Magic Leap’s collaboration with and sponsorship of its developer ecosystem. This is a leap of innovation that would not be possible without them. As Magic Leap continues to evolve its platform, and attract more software and hardware developers, there will be more leaps forward in gesture and control features that help us work and play in ways we never thought possible.

The Leap Behind The Leap: Understanding WowMouse and Magic Leap 2

WowMouse AR and Magic Leap 2 represent a synergistic leap ahead in AR and in human‑computer interaction. The leap in gesture control of Doublepoint Technologies… not only extends Android smartwatches and AR devices to the usefulness of computing peripherals, but also changes the game in the way we control AR computers, creating a meaningful leap forward. A leap forward in technological development of gestural input is not all what is involved here. This leap is a leap forward in the game of human‑computer interaction. The leap is to natural interaction: synchronicity between the user and the computer, naturalness of control, blurring the lines between human and computer, creating a natural computer interaction layer on top of the real world. The leap is to immersion.

Today we find ourselves on the verge of a new era of the Digital, and the leaps we make today will determine the enormity of tomorrow. The leap of WowMouse AR for Magic Leap 2 is a technological leap, but it is also a leap of imagination about the possibilities for human interaction with the Digital.

Jun 17, 2024
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