Navigating the Future: The Revolutionary Rise of Cellular-First SASE in Business Networks

Within the frenetic environments of rapidly scaling startups and enterprises, the pressure to scale often unveils the fragility and intricate level of complexity in the underlying networking and cybersecurity infrastructures. As enterprises grow and adapt, a new game-changing technology, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), becomes not merely an efficient way forward, but a critical necessity. Born out of the synergy of networking with security, cellular-first SASE delineates why the future of distributed enterprises is now.

The Advent of Cellular-First SASE in Distributed Enterprises

With business moving towards a hybrid network model, businesses have accelerated digital transformation by integrating traditional and cloud-based infrastructures. The surge in adoption of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) and SASE attest to a collective shift towards agility, flexibility and scalability. This makes real-time data and insights paramount, as enterprises increase efforts to adopt solutions that can manage every identity, endpoint and threat surface.

Understanding the EDGE of Network Security

One of the key motivations for the increasing adoption of SASE by growing businesses is the obvious benefits in securely integrating networking and security to a single system for unified operations and strengthening the network edge against a growing barrage of cyber threats. As a business’s network grows to include more IoT devices and remote connections, they open up their attack surface. Cellular SASE is a tool to help prevent attacks like this. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud SASE is an example of this new approach.

Cradlepoint's Leading EDGE in Cellular SASE

Cradlepoint has become a leading vendor in cellular/5G SASE with its expertise in cellular/5G and SD-WAN capabilities, mixed with advanced security at both the device-edge and cloud, offering enterprise customers the first 5G-ready SASE to the industry: NetCloud SASE. Cradlepoint has positioned itself as a leader in the SASE market. Enterprises use SASE to replace legacy networking technologies, building a bold new network that will accelerate app delivery and empower distributed users, such as remote workers and those in the cloud, providing a singular user experience while ensuring they have secure and responsible access to critical applications and resources.

The Business EDGE of Cybersecurity with SASE

But the shift to SASE is as much a business decision as it is a technical transformation. For startups and SMEs, cybersecurity is an investment of the highest order, especially under conditions of prolonged knowledge-based competition when their assets are intellectual ones. The need for zero-trust models and calls for risk-first approaches, with the aid of SASE offerings, reflect a broader risk mind-set that is emerging globally as a fundamental skill for doing business. Investors and stakeholders increasingly see cybersecurity as a critical set of capabilities that must be in place before they will entrust capital. In short, the SASE option is fast becoming a strategic business decision.

Cellular SASE: The Cornerstone of Modern Network Security

Zero trust is foundational to cellular SASE At the heart of cellular SASE is the foundational principle of zero trust. Zero trust is a framework that assumes there is no trust in a network, and requires that all users and devices be verified at all times. In today’s decentralised, mobile workforce, zero trust is critical because many traditional security models are not up to the task of securing a workforce that is distributed, mobile and dynamic. Cradlepoint NetCloud SASE is built on a zero-trust architecture. Cellular-first SASE is at the forefront of how modern organisations can protect themselves.

The Architectural Innovation Behind NetCloud SASE

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud SASE architecture is an architectural strategic integration of these key pieces, such as application-based traffic steering, WAN resiliency, ZTNA, and more advanced security options such as secure web gateways and cloud access security brokers. This creates an end-to-end enterprise solution that not only improves network performance but also provides the ability to secure it in ways that have never been possible before. Networks are growing faster than ever – and it is essential the bandwidth, performance, and security keep up.

AI: Amplifying Cradlepoint's Network Intelligence

The third aspect of Cradlepoint’s NetCloud SASE that really stood out is its incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI provides real-time insights, remediation options and traffic pattern analysis that can help an enterprise boost its network intelligence and security. Given the role that AI can play in enhancing the zero-trust security model, it will play a bigger role in helping enterprises find new and better ways to deploy their network solutions in the future.

The EDGE of Tomorrow: Understanding the Impact of Cellular-First SASE

With this focus on cellular-first SASE, we get down to the nitty-gritty of explaining how this technology reinforces the network not just with added security but also with a whole new concept of enterprise networking. Integrating enterprise-grade cybersecurity into mission-critical technologies like 5G, and blending them together with cellular-first SASE solutions, such as Cradlepoint’s NetCloud SASE, sets new benchmarks for agility, efficiency, and security. This cellular-first SASE approach potentially represents not just a next-generation technology, but a strategic transformation to more resilient, agile and secure enterprise networks. As the digital journey continues, cellular-first SASE just might define what excellence in the digital age looks like.

May 29, 2024
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