Unfolding the Future: How the SAMSUNG Foldable Phone Changes Everything

Samsung has been at the forefront of the ever-churning waters of tech advancements, forever expanding what we can get out of the gadgets we buy, use and love. The recent release of foldable phones – especially Samsung’s family of phones – changed not only the shape of our mobile devices but also the way we use them, combining the compactness of smartphones with the screen real estate of a tablet – in some cases, even approaching that of a laptop. This article explores the new experience of the foldable devices through the prism of 8 must-have apps for Samsung’s foldables.

The Wonders of a Wider Screen: How Apps Thrive on SAMSUNG's Foldable Phone

Expanding Horizons with Google Chrome

Samsung Internet does a good job for browsing but the revelation is Google Chrome on any Samsung foldable device. It is a whole new experience. The larger screen estate means you can use Chrome as you would use it on a PC – with desktop-style tabs, and it can display the same mobile and desktop versions of sites next to each other without any scaling or loss of appearance. There’s a whiff of PC browsing, only in the palm of your hands.

A Canvas Reimagined with Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes feels like taking a moleskin and breathing a new lease of life onto a long, thin piece of paper that stretches the length of a foldable display. The flexibility to split-screen with other apps or float it as a window makes the multitasking and creative-thinking experience as fluid as before. More than anything else, it shows the thought that Samsung has poured into optimising its software for these larger displays.

Obsidian: Writing without Boundaries

Obsidian (a decent note-taking programme, designed for your plain text, supported by markdown) makes the best possible use of the foldable’s larger display; document tabs give your browser-like document management, and the interface keeps your text centred and in focus. This is an excellent setup for writers, students and office workers who want to maximise their mobile desktop.

A New Chapter with Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Senior appeals equally to book readers and comic fans On a Samsung foldable, texts and panels are clearer and more readable than ever before, and the experience is far superior to even the best e-readers for one simple reason: the dimensions of the screen. This app is an example of how foldables can change the way people interact with content.

Visual Delights with Samsung Gallery

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 foldable device takes the pleasure of viewing photographs to the next step. An image can be viewed in higher detail as it is displayed in a large screen. It not only enhances the personal pleasure but also the professional use. It becomes easier to edit and review them by not having to go through a different device.

Revolutionizing Photography with Samsung Camera

The Samsung Camera app also helps, thanks to which taking pictures on a foldable phone is easy and fun: thanks to the device’s unique form factor, it’s possible to explore shooting angles and self-portrait layouts one couldn’t even imagine (let alone use) with a standard smartphone.

Exploring with Google Maps

This means that the forever-iPad-like experience of the foldable device becomes more immersive: with the larger screen it would be easier to see and manipulate the maps and information pertaining to your travels. This capability empowers the everyday user (or any would-be globetrotting wanderer) to go about their business within this particular digital environment without any hindrance.

Seamless Security with KeePassDX

The KeePassDX app takes advantage of the foldable’s screen size by showing the password manager side-by-side with another app; logging into accounts and handling other secure data is so much easier as a result. It’s easy to see how the foldable’s form factor could improve everyday usability and security for future generations.

Embracing the SAMSUNG Ecosystem

But Samsung’s inventiveness is not limited to hardware. The fact that these apps are so seamlessly integrated into the experience of using the foldable phone is another feather in Samsung’s cap. The more that we could do with our smart devices, the more they would reshape our lives, not the other way round. The foldable phone is not just a gadget. It is a gateway to a new, more flexible, more dynamic digital life.

It is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to innovation, both in hardware and user experience. With every ‘fold’ and ‘unfold’, users are delivered a little bit closer to a world where our devices will adapt to us, not the other way around.

Every interaction – be it viewing, writing, reading, photographing, or anything else – becomes another experience with Samsung’s foldable phones For that matter, the re-invention of the smart-phone is equally a leap rather than an incremental step. By offering a smaller and easier to carry screen, a phone folds what was previously buffered and packaged as external peripherals back into the main device itself, democratising the expensive and cumbersome desktop computer of the past in ways that the iPhone and other smartphones have completely failed to do.

And as for the Samsung foldable phone itself, this is no ordinary device. Samsung has given you a companion. A companion that will adapt to you, transform alongside you, and unfold with you. Enabled by apps and experiences that make use of this capability, Samsung is asking you: ‘If this, then why not this also?’ This is the future of our devices. The smartphone, tablet, and laptop will eventually fuse into one. It’s not whether you’ll join us, it’s when.

Jun 10, 2024
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