Elevating Your SMART HOME Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Controller for HomeKit

If you’re among the growing number of people these days who have a home that is reliant on smart devices, you’d want to seek every possible means to give yourself more power over your smart devices. Controller for HomeKit is an app that promises to provide you with the ability to extend the HomeKit program beyond the limitations of Apple’s own native Home app. With Controller, your smart home experience can be a lot of fun.

Unveiling the Power of Controller for HomeKit

Photo: Controller for HomeKit by FakebeingThe holy grail of smart home apps is one that works seamlessly with Apple’s smart home platform, known as HomeKit. Controller for HomeKit (€3/£3 in the App Store) is as close as anyone has come. Its interface is carefully designed for both novices and power users. The top of the app shows you the most recent snapshot in HomeKit-connected cameras, and beneath are one-touch icons for every room in your home. Because it’s compatible with Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, you could be controlling your home from any of them.

Why Controller Trumps Apple's Home App

But what sets Controller for HomeKit apart from, say, Apple’s native Home app is its feature set; it’s built entirely around your control and home automation, providing plenty of options for customisation and automation. Notifications can be configured to do more than simply alert you to something – they can actually make something happen, like: Did you remember to turn off that light you left on? Controller for HomeKit uses HomeKit automation and Shortbits to build notifications that don’t just warn you of something, but that can actually make something happen.

And yet, beyond that, Controller for HomeKit offers advanced automations, backup and restore for setups, logs for your smart home, and workflows for running actions, taking the app far beyond the basic functioning of Apple’s Home app.

A New Perspective with Floor Plan Feature

Picture an aerial map of your entire smart home: it’s a feature of Controller for HomeKit that can be built, using the LiDAR technology on newer Apple devices, based on a 3D model of a user’s home into which they place smart devices. It not only visualises your mapped-out smart home differently, but also makes controlling devices easier with a swipe of a finger.

Engaging with Your SMART HOME Visually

The Floor Plan visualisation makes it possible to control your home in new ways through a visual interface, instead of via endless lists. For example, you should be able to turn off a lamp by tapping its icon on your digital home’s layout. In many ways, the smart home simply has to work better.

Accessibility and Privacy Considerations

Yet it feels amazingly accessible and private. Floor Plan creation processing is carried out completely on-device (iPhone). If you’re using an earlier iPhone model without powerful processing power, we achieve the same functionality using AppClip which is part of the HomeKit framework.

Why Your SMART HOME Needs Controller for HomeKit

Controller for HomeKit is the most complete Apple smart home app around, with Heads-Up notifications, app icons on Apple TV, expanded user support, and the amazing Floor Plan feature, its got you covered if you want your Apple HomeKit setup streamlined.

Beyond the App: Building a Smarter HOME

I hope that I have convinced you that you are not only enhancing your ability to control your smart home, but also exercising your imagination and building up a picture of what your smart home could be over time. When the next wave of technology comes, the benefit of having a tool that evolves along with it might give you a head start in seeing what comes next, and using it to your advantage. Controller for HomeKit is a valuable addition to your smart home toolkit because so far, there has been no true alternative.

Understanding HOME: The Foundation of Smart Living

Ultimately, though, home is about you and the environment you impose on it, including the personal preferences and priorities that make your house your home. It’s about the fact that your home incorporates your lifestyle: the way you like to live. And that’s why a smart home that’s such a great place to live is also a welcoming place for great technology – and why our homes will continue to evolve in a way that makes them smarter, safer and more in sync with us. Controller for HomeKit is available on the App Store for iOS.

Jun 10, 2024
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